I promise to love you forever – every single day of forever.

— Stephenie Meyer

SaLuSa, April 4, 2011

Believe us when we tell you that matters are moving along very well, and the work we have put in is beginning to yield results. Whatever happens you will be ready for the end times, and nothing can stop the closing of the cycle of duality. You do not have to go through purgatory to ascend, and clearly your experiences from one soul to another will differ quite considerably. Most of you will ease yourselves into the New Age, and for our part we will make the transition for you as quickly as we can. You are seeing rapid changes in the Middle East, and whilst that is going on the West is also going through a testing time. They will also have to change and much will come about following political reform. In your hearts you know that all future changes must be based upon what is best for all, and that means a structure that is built upon Love and Light. Anything less will not satisfy the people, or lay down the path that will give you a smooth ride to Ascension.

The dark Ones are at last capitulating, realizing that they need a way out of a predicament of their own making. Through our allies that is being offered, and once they are no longer in a position to interfere with progress, we can really become more open in helping you. Making them responsible for their acts against Humanity is not directly our concern, because there is no escape from eventually having to answer to the higher spiritual hierarchy that oversees your evolution. In other words, just like you they will have to experience the effects of their deeds and fully understand the outcome. We can tell you that once you return to the higher dimensions, and know the truth about life and its purpose you are more than eager to atone for your mistakes. We must stress again that there is no punishment as you understand it, and no judgment and the final outcome is in the hands of the soul concerned. The karma resulting from each life time is twofold, and firstly keeps you on the path back to the Light, whilst ensuring that you learn from your mistakes.

The final run in to Ascension is one that gives you so many opportunities to tie up your loose ends, and change your mindset to one that is in alignment with the new vibrations. The old you will largely disappear and a beautiful Being emerges that will be ready to ascend. You have worked hard and came a long way to reach this point, and it will be a most uplifting experience regardless of whatever you go through to get there. The energies around you are ever increasing and bringing you more into the higher vibrations. It brings a calmness and feeling of great expectancy, as you become more sensitive to them and stand tall as a beacon of Light. In doing so you are on your way to the Ascension, having moved up from the lower vibrations. Indeed, you now find that they are coarse and no longer serve your life purpose. Spreading peace and happiness is your aim and you will be successful at doing so.

Without necessarily openly approaching other souls, you will uplift anyone around you and your positive attitude will rub off on others. The word is spreading about Ascension, and you can be one who can gently introduce others to its benefits at the same time pointing out that freewill choice is involved. However, every opportunity will be taken to make the facts known when we can finally walk amongst you. There will eventually be no soul that has not had a chance to learn all about Ascension, and make choice from a well informed position. There are of course those who accept the end time, but believe in a different ending to it, and since you create your own reality they will experience a different path of their choice.

Meantime we ask you to keep your focus on your personal goals, and do not be discouraged by the happenings outside of you. Certain events have to be played out, and the physical changes are necessary to assist Mother Earth’s Ascension. You travel together as you have done so for millennia of time, and will do so in the future. The more you can bring the light to Earth, the more you will all be helping to bring the New Earth into being. The old creations of yours are unable to be carried forward, so consequently there is much to do by way of transmutation. Nothing is totally destroyed, but simply changes its form to be used again. Matter is created and re-created over and over again and never wasted. As creators yourselves you will take greater responsibility for your creations, but at the same time you will rise in consciousness and will exercise good sense and wisdom in your work.

You are now at the crossroads, and it is your decision as to which way you go. Either way there is no long term problem, as the cyclic nature of the Universe ensures that another opportunity to choose differently will always come your way. However, the cycles are long by your measure using linear time, and if you but knew you would be more inclined to put the effort in to ascend this time round. We know that some souls are still so mired in the darkness, that they find it hard to comprehend what Ascension means. Sometimes they feel victims of their circumstances not realizing that they create their own experiences. There will come a time when the truth will come to them, and then they will seek a way to change them for the better.

Be assured that your progress is followed, and at the first signs of a desire to move into the Light, help is given to move you in the right direction. No one wishes to see you repeatedly going down a dead end, and having to do it all again. Fortunately most souls evolve over a period of time through the experiences of successive lives, and the guidance given to them. In the present challenging times, progress can be quite rapid because of the continual battle between the dark and Light. There are repeated opportunities to overcome the lower vibrations, and no soul is condemned to stay in them. It is quite the opposite, as The Brotherhood of Light works to help those who are in the lower dimensions, and find the ones who are opening up to the higher truths.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as you enter the most important time for your civilization, we do our best to attract your attention. We want you to recognize the relationship we have with you, which is one that has existed for thousands of years. We Are All One, and are rightly coming together again to celebrate our reunion. We shall go forward with you to the higher realms that are your true home, and await your presence as ascended Beings.

Source: Galactic Channelings – Mike Quinsey

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