Never finish a negative statement; reverse it immediately & wonders will happen in your life.

— Joseph Murphy

These strange times herald great and beneficial changes for humanity

Most of you on Planet Earth are aware of the great energy shifts that are in progress. Many, of course, do not know what is going on, or why, but they most definitely are aware that something extremely unusual is happening. It is as though all of your preconceptions and cultural belief systems are falling apart and no longer work as guaranteed and expected. It is very unsettling and confusing, and yet there is an air of enthusiastic anticipation that these strange times herald great changes which will be most beneficial for humanity. And they most certainly will.

Your evolution, both physical and spiritual, is accelerating rapidly to prepare you to live lives of a completely different kind from those to which you have been accustomed for so long. It will be a constantly forward-moving state, providing intense interest and excitement, and persuading you to use your creative abilities to the full as you join and engage with it. It is to be a time of great celebration and rejoicing, as realization of what you have succeeded in achieving by your constant efforts and determination breaks through into your conscious awareness.

Over the eons, and especially over the last five or six decades, your determination to do the divine Will has become ever more focused. Having started off very weak (if it’s even possible to have weak determination!), and basically ineffectively (when you separated yourselves from the Creator to hide fearfully from Him in the illusion), you have worked long and hard to develop it so that you could find your way out of the nightmare and back Home to the place of infinite Love and joy where you were created in absolute perfection. Your efforts are paying off because the determination you have been building is becoming focused with a laser-like intensity, enabling you to complete your divine task with brilliant competence and to overcome all obstacles that rise to impede your progress by blocking your awareness of who you truly are.

It is most wonderful to observe you powering forward — almost unhesitatingly — towards your divine destination with such unflagging determination. This will ensure that only total success is possible! Your Father created you as eternal, immortal, and perfect beings to delight in your existence within Him in every moment. At the moment of your apparent separation from Him, He instantaneously provided you with the means to escape from your overwhelmingly realistic — but nonetheless non-existent — alternate reality.

For eons you chose not to avail of these means, but continued to play there while a state of intensifying confusion enveloped you and darkness descended. But no matter how deep and intense the darkness, it was unable to fully shroud the eternal flame within you, placed there to guide you Home. Finally, after eons in the darkness and despairing in its bleakness, you sought out that eternal flame, found it, and started your homeward journey. Initially it was difficult because you doubted your memory of God and His Love for you. But because the darkness was so grim and frightening you persevered, and because it is your Father’s Will you did uncover your inner light. This was a considerable challenge because it had become obscured by the detritus of innumerable lifetimes spent in the illusion.

Now, well-established on that homeward journey, you need only continue to hold your light high and confidently accept and follow the intuitive guidance it brings you whenever you ask for it. When you have even the slightest doubt, ask immediately for guidance. It will not be a loud egoic certainty: “This is what I must do!” Instead it will be a gentle nudge, offering a subtle suggestion which, if acted on, will provide you with a quiet confidence that you have acted appropriately. Enjoy the sensation of peace that arises in you as you continue moving forward.

With so very much love, Saul.

Source: John Smallman

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