May you always have the perspective to see the Rainbows and the Miracles and Beauty in your Life! Much Love to you!

Let your light burn brightly as you hold it high in these tumultuous times

Humanity is well on its way to awakening from the illusion in which your senses, feelings, and self-awareness have been mired for so long. Your collective intention to do so is strengthening and intensifying and will not be thwarted. Your awakening is divinely assured. Your intense dissatisfaction with the way you experience your lives in the illusion is encouraging you to go within, seeking assistance from your angels, guides, and the Holy Spirit – your unbreakable connection to your true Self and to God – Who, because of your state of free will, can only help you when you ask. When you do ask for their assistance it is instantly available in the form of intuitive feelings that gently offer directions. When you feel at peace, you are doing what is for the highest good. When you are feeling angry, fearful, attacked, defensive, or anxious you need to reassess your thoughts, words, and actions, let go of the need to be right, and then ask for help; a peaceful and kind way to proceed will become apparent. You may well experience a sense of resistance , because judgment and a need to be right are strongly ingrained ego traits in all humans. So relax and wait a while, then reassess your options. You will find the peaceful and kind option becoming more appealing, and you will have enough confidence to take that path. Afterwards you may be quite pleasantly surprised at the decrease in your stress levels.

You have been working your way up towards this momentous event for a very long time, because once you chose the path of apparent separation from God and imagined the illusion into existence you also separated yourselves completely from divine Wisdom and Knowledge. The result was that you had to learn, step by step, enough wisdom through your experiences to realize that there is an infinitely loving God, Who created you like Himself as part of Himself. Realizing this, as many of you now do, it became apparent that divine Love is the universal energy which, in the illusion, seems to take many forms – the life force in all living organisms, moods, emotions, weather, electricity, and so on. It can be used in many ways to obtain many different results. It is the Power given to you as a divine gift when You were created, and it is infinite. Within the illusion its availability is severely limited because the illusion is severely limiting; nevertheless, you can avail of that limited form of it and use it lovingly or fearfully. For most of humanity’s existence it has mainly been used fearfully as you hid from God and fought one another.

Now many of you are starting to use it lovingly, which brings you peace and satisfaction, intensifies your awareness of your eternal partnership with God, and thus reduces your stress levels as you realize once more that you are always divinely loved and protected, and cannot fail to awaken into the infinite brilliance of the divine Presence, your eternal Home. Knowing this, the light, the love, the compassion, and the acceptance of one another shines forth very brightly from you, all the time intensifying and affecting very positively indeed all with whom you interact.

This light that you are holding and sharing is enveloping the planet, and is increasing in luminosity and intensity as you share it indiscriminately with all around you, and who then release and share their own beautiful light in like manner. Truly a time of great rejoicing is approaching which will eliminate and dissipate the suffering you have been experiencing for so long. Let your light burn brightly and freely as you hold it high in these tumultuous times.

With so very much love, Saul.

Source: John Smallman

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