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I Love You <3

SaLuSa, March 7, 2011

The measure of a souls worth is by the degree to which that soul can share its love. Love is the motivation behind all acts of kindness asking nothing in return. Yet whatever one gives out is returned through the Law of Attraction. At a time when the needs of others are mounting, the presence of those of the Light is a blessing, and those who wish to serve will find plenty of opportunity. Our reading of the situation is that there are now many more such willing people, than at any previous occasion in recent times. The Oneness of all souls is being recognized, and once the differences in politics and religion are overcome, there will be a great coming together that will lead your civilization forward in unity, and in a common purpose to bring harmony and balance back to Earth.

Let no one doubt that Man is on the path to massive changes, and they will provide the answers to your present problems. For too long you have been seriously held back to keep the status quo, so that the Illuminati can benefit from your demise. They were not however going to achieve their plan for total control, as the Light has slowly gained ground and virtually brought their activities to a halt. We of the Galactic Federation have clearly shown them the extent of our technological abilities to deal with their attempts to pervert the course of Ascension. With much more at our disposal, there is nothing they can do that is beyond our capabilities to deal with. You are therefore safe from world-wide destruction, and along with Mother Earth you will reach your destination. It is our duty to see that as many souls as possible are awakened, and having done so are given every help to find their way to Ascension.

It will not be long now before things really get underway, and an exciting time awaits you that will bring cheer and joy with it. There are those of you who are experiencing hardship, but no matter what the problem the answers are already known. You will be quite surprised how quickly a fair and acceptable life will be established for all citizens of Earth. Your needs are many, but they will be covered by the plan that has already been drawn up. It will prepare you all for the end times, and you will be ready to ascend at the right time as Beings of a higher level of consciousness. Some of you have already noticed the commencement of such changes within yourself, and they will continue to rise until you finally reach full consciousness. That is a requirement for any soul that aspires to move into the higher dimensions. What is assuring for you all is that there are so many great souls that have joined us in this grand adventure. When the appropriate time comes after First Contact has been made, the way will be clear for them to come amongst you. All in all they will be familiar names that have appeared time and again in your history.

The experience you are going through is priceless when you consider how unique it is. You are privileged to have been accepted for incarnation into this period, and if you think otherwise, please remember that you knew exactly what was in store before you did so. You are those who are strong in purpose and intent, and in reality have sufficient experience to overcome all obstacles and challenges. The value to you is that you will have raised your consciousness quite dramatically in such a short time, and it will serve you well during the coming period. It is what you have worked for over many. many lives, and it does not matter whether you have succumbed at times to the pull of the lower vibrations. Once you have chosen the path of Light you are helped to clear old karma out, and eventually the slate will be clean through the Law of Grace. The Creator desires the eventual return of all souls, and their service to the Light will mean that much experience is gained. It is never lost and can help others who are also seeking to raise their consciousness.

Financial changes are being discussed, and they will come into being and so prevent another collapse because of greed and unacceptable trading practices. Small is going to be beautiful and ensure that the moneylenders never again have the power to destroy your lives. In fact as many of you already know, such changes will be accompanied by an entirely new set up. Monopoly Money as you so call it, will not be allowed and in future it will be backed by precious metals. Many know this scheme as NESARA and it is now a part of the new financial set up waiting to be introduced. The greatest benefit to all will be the forgiveness of debt thus removing the worries and concerns of so many people. Taxes unfairly taken will be refunded, and a new system will ensure it cannot happen again. Wealth will be spread so that economies can recover quickly, and overcome poverty where it has caused distress and all manner of ailments. There are a considerable number of loving souls ready to give their time to such projects, and it is yet another way of bringing people together. The Human Race is benign in nature, and it is only the dark Ones that have separated you from each other. They have set one against another using insidious tactics to promote hatred and division.

Have no fear Dear Ones, everything will soon change giving all of you the opportunity to start anew, and bring joy and happiness into your lives as it always could have been. When you ascend there will be no souls going with you, unless they have raised their vibrations to the necessary level. That is the law, thus ensuring the harmony and balance that is a feature of the higher dimensions. It is a matter of freewill choice, but no one is automatically assured of ascending unless they have reached the required level. If you have already decided that you wish to ascend, then you will almost certainly achieve it – but keep your focus at all times on your goal. Unless you make a conscious decision to drop out, you will find that you have an increasing awareness of what it takes to succeed. Certainly your Guides will be working with you, so follow what you feel inspired to do in that connection.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will tell you that we are becoming busier with every step nearer we get to Disclosure. It is a most important step forward, which will open up many other opportunities for us. It will take the lid off so much that has been hidden away from you, particularly regarding ET contact, which has been occurring for many hundreds of years. It is time for the truth to come out, and it will be both surprising and shocking at the same time.

Sources:   Galactic Channelings – Mike Quinsey

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