I am so glad you are here. It helps me realize how beautiful my world is.

God Has Ensured Your Awakening

As you are all well aware, change of an unparalleled nature is sweeping across the planet. It is an essential aspect of humanity’s awakening process that has been designed and implemented by divine Intent to ensure that every human becomes aware of God’s Will that they awaken into Reality. This is not some insane idea thought up by people who find Earth life unacceptable, and who are attempting to shelter themselves in denial about the true state of the planet and her human inhabitants, by inventing an imaginary scenario in which they will be dramatically rescued in some as yet unrevealed fashion. The Insane Idea is that your illusory environment is real and that there is no supreme and infinitely loving Being Who cares for you and intends that you awaken into the joy of true existence.

God is Love. Love is continuously creating more Love to extend and share with Itself in an eternal expansion of conscious awareness that embraces all of life in the harmony that is Reality. It is for this that you have been hoping and praying since the moment of separation, when you chose to hide from God in the illusion that you had invented for that purpose. When you did so you had no idea how much suffering it would cause you. And as your suffering intensified the illusion became increasingly real for you, until all memory of Reality was erased from your unreal minds. You had seemingly entered an environment from which there was no exit and no escape.

In your desperation you invented gods who demanded that you fear them for what they could do to you, and who demanded sacrifices of what you valued most to prove your love for them, while they remained incomprehensible, inscrutable, vengeful, and completely unpredictable. In the last few centuries of illusory time many of you have come to realize the unreality of such monstrous gods, and have attempted to comfort yourselves with the dream that scientific discoveries will enable you to reduce and then eliminate suffering. But of course that dream is also part of the illusion.

There is only one solution to the sufferings of humanity, and that is the divine one, which is to awaken. And you will, because God has ensured it. An illusion, by its very nature, is impermanent and cannot last. And apart from that fact, within each one of you burns the inextinguishable spark of divine Love, placed there by your Father to light your way Home. When you choose to allow it to do so, it will burst into flame, showing you clearly that where you are apparently experiencing such an insecure and, at times, quite terrifying existence is nothing but a mad illusion. And when you do realize this it will start to disintegrate and then evaporate, until nothing remains of it because there is nothing to remain.

You are all loved, you are all eternally safe, and you are all going to awaken into the glory of God’s Reality, where you have your eternal existence now, as always, without break or interruption, because there is nowhere else. On awakening, your happiness will know no bounds.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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