Just like a butterfly changes from an awkward caterpillar, we are also capable of magnificent change.

SaLuSa, March 4, 2011

The forces of Light are doing all they can from the higher dimensions to bring a quick end to the stand off in Libya. We do not want to see needless death and bloodshed, and the regime change cannot be stopped. Everything is continually changing and the time has come for many countries to move on. Throughout the world people are waking up to what they have been experiencing, and only now realizing how they have been kept down and denied their rights. The old paradigm allowed for control and separation but the Light has now fully entered the equation, and is breaking down the hold that the dark forces used against them. It will make the changes much easier to introduce if the right people are installed that put the people first. That is being addressed, and even in countries that appear more stable changes are still necessary. Have no doubts that such souls are waiting in the wings for their cue, and it has been planned that way all along. The desire of the people and the positive energies they are giving out, is your assurance that what you need to bring about a successful conclusion is at hand.

Needless to say, the Galactic Federation is taking a major part in the events that are happening right now. We have to bide our time for a while as the proverbial “right time” is very important to us. If you also wish to see an efficient and positive end to the disruption occurring in many countries, certain changes must first take place. Be trusting and continue to send out your Light wherever you see a need for it. You can certainly take a lot of credit for what has already been achieved, and it was always intended that you should take an active part in the changes. We are in fact a team whether or not you realize it, and we shall be able to come much more together once we can openly work with you. We know that many of you are keen to be part of the joint efforts that will occur, and you may be sure your expertise and knowledge will be used. We never intended that the cleansing of the Earth should be solely carried out by us, but you need our technologies to get the work done as quickly as possible.

At present the waiting game is being played but the longer it goes on, through our allies the more we apply pressure upon those blocking progress. You might say that matters are at breaking point, as the flow of energy for change cannot be contained for much longer. There are just months to go before certain issues are sorted out, and that is as much as we can say at present. Our presence in your skies is increasing and disclosure is almost a formality, as our existence can no longer be denied. It is more a matter of the authorities and governments of the world being quite happy to admit to it. However, they are scared of the outcome that will result in some awkward questions that they prefer not to answer, but the truth must come out. The excuse of holding back because of “National Security” will not be valid for too long as a stop will be put to all wars, and troops withdrawn from foreign lands. The people’s sovereignty must be returned, and as the Creator’s representatives we shall exercise our authority to ensure that it is so.

Ascension is drawing nearer and the energies necessary for it to take place are being beamed to Earth. It is carefully planned so that you are not overpowered by too much at any one time, and we know that many of you are beginning to feel their benefit. In another sense the build up is powerful so as to ensure that the mass consciousness is lifted to the right level. Many of you are feeling the changes within you, and that alone should convince you that you are on the path to Ascension. The feeling of peace within and being at one with all else, will lift you into a position of being able to sail through any adversities, because they will only affect you if you allow them to do so. It is the Golden Age at the end of the rainbow that is ever bringing you nearer to Ascension, and you will finally be well prepared for it. We say just go with the flow and trust in the guidance of your Higher Self, and your ever present Guides.

Try to live as you imagine an ascended Being would, and focus your life on actions and words of love. The more you can do so, the more you will be ready to move into the higher dimensions. Remember that first and foremost you are a Being of Light, and eventually you will become one with the higher levels of consciousness. So what you are doing now should be in preparation of the end time, and the discarding of any energies of the lower vibration. Whatever remains at this particular time, will keep coming up for clearance even if it is thoughts that are a legacy of a different time in your life. Providing you do not give them the energy to continue existing, they will lose their power to impinge upon your waking consciousness. Hitherto, most souls have responded to their ego that has fed on feelings of grandeur and self-importance. It will change when you can put other souls before yourself, and work towards unconditional love. Just imagine what a wonderful caring society it would be if that level of consciousness could be achieved.

Having sufficient money for your needs may be necessary but once you see how divisive it is, it ceases to become your god and greed is never an option. Wealth is a challenge that has turned the heads of many people, who forget that its acquisition is simply the denial of another’s entitlement. That is why wealth will be fairly distributed, as in total there is more than enough to ensure every person of a life without need. Keeping people in poverty often without the basic necessities of life is the deliberate plan of the Illuminati, to make them reliant on other people for their wellbeing. It often goes hand in hand with a lack of education, which also prevents them from achieving any level of life that can be called satisfactory. Equal opportunity is a right every soul should have had, but the elite have made sure that the gap between the poor and rich has been maintained.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and amazed that you have all had so many lives, experiencing all aspects of life on Earth. Yet you have never wavered, and have found the strength to become a Light within the darkness that shrouded the Earth. You are truly wonderful Beings that gladden our hearts, and we are truly privileged to be your partners and friends for the final days of this cycle. Our love always goes with you and you can draw upon our strength.

Source:   Galactic Channelings – Mike Quinsey

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