Your primary purpose in life is to experience life from one individual, unique point of view.

Energy Healing Invocation

You are not alone. Every day you walk with an entourage, one made up of angels, spirit guides, loved ones passed and a variety of other helpful souls. They make up your energetic support team. They whisper to go right instead of left, they push you to walk faster across the street as a car rounds the corner, they give you guidance and help you to fulfill your full potential.

Now is the time to take advantage of this connection! Healing work is something you are drawn to because it is part of your life purpose. It not only completes you, but it gives you a sense of a larger picture – that you are working for a much greater good than you may never fully understand while you work on earth. But be aware, you can be a bigger part of this process than you think! Today you will free yourself of old habits, ideas and perception of your own life. Today you will walk with them, as one of them, in a sacred symbiotic relationship beneficial to all involved. Today you will become whole. Are you ready to take the next step in your spiritual evolution? If so, say “YES!” out loud.

Invocation Technique

Exercising your conscious connection is simple. Follow these steps to open the gateway and allow the partnership to begin. Remember, you will be awakening a dormant part of your soul and the connection will flow naturally. Allow it to take place and enjoy what you feel.

• Stand (or sit) legs apart, balance and ground your body
• Close your eyes and take deep breaths
• Say in your mind or out loud “Invoke”, repeat if needed
• Hold your hands up to begin the healing process
• Surrender and be aware as you allow your energetic team to enter part or all of your body to take over the healing
• Keep your focus on the energy coming through you into the room (it is okay to let your mind wander or even if you leave your body for the duration)
• Once you feel the energy leave your body, you may cup your hands under and receive energy to regain any that you may have released during transmission
• Rub your hands together briskly and let your client know you are finished.

Be present with your team now and thank them for their participation. Every time you acknowledge their assistance you become closer to them, and empower them to be more active in your life in general. After all, you are the one in the limelight and they are there to support you through your journey.

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