Life is short and unpredictable, don’t waste another minute on the people, places and things that don’t make you happy.

— Robert Tew

Soul “Responsibilities”


Channeler: courtland ♥

Brightest Blessings ~

As we further our Journeys of higher consciousness … as we move ever closer to that momentum of shift ~ at what moment, do we ACCEPT Responsibility for our Souls?

We came into this incarnate life to learn a host of lessons, to experience many modalities of happenstances! I’m sure there are many reflections in your consciousness, now! Good / Bad … Happy / Sad … none of that matters, no attachment to the experience matters ~ what matters is the fulfillment ~ of the “contract” … mind you, that might seem somewhat cold or callous, especially given…if one chose an extremely difficult path.

You see, from the Soul’s standpoint ~ there is no emotion attached to a soul contract that is either being made manifest in the NOW presence OR in the PAST presence … the emotion of this experience and or lesson is the density of the energy in which it was perceived!

As you awaken to your Soul’s space, within the Grace of your Heart … there is GREAT REALIZATION that you are enabled to FREE yourself whilst being in this lower vibrational plane or place by releasing, transcending, transmuting, forgiving the SOULULAR CONTRACTS that we, You and I, AGREED to! We realize that we have completed and or in many cases ~ CONQUERED fear, pain, anger, anxieties … to realize your innate FREEDOM of Your Soul!

When we REALIZE we CHOSE every single MOMENT … we are enabled to take RESPONSIBILITY for our Journey ~ and with that shared ~

This is where EVERYTHING CHANGES! When you make this realization … the dynamics of your Journey, shift … Propel into a HIGHER SPACE … a HIGHER Frequency … and YOU are the Designer … the Decorator … the Author … the Artist … the CO~CREATOR of YOUR JOURNEY!

We needn’t carry burdensome “responsibility” for that which does NOT serve your Soul’s path. That which no longer brings you into PERFECT Alignment and Harmony with your Soul! See it for what it is ~ a means to get to the point of Awareness ~ Realization…when this is met, so is your “responsibility” ~ declare yourself FREE to do, to be … the God/Goddess that you are HERE TO BE ~ CELEBRATE your SOUL!

YOU have, and always have had … the POWER to CHANGE what it is that YOU LONG FOR ~ be that your relationships, your financial situations, your life and all of its magic ~ ANY part of your DAILY happenstances … YOU ARE ALWAYS IN CONTROL and EMPOWERED to CREATE your SOUL’s DESIRE … DESIGN … DESTINY ~

It is the JOURNEY … the very reason we embrace GRATITUDE, for the many paths, trails and tributaries … that brought us from There to HERE … that bring the AWARENESS of WHO WE ARE … WHAT WE ARE and WHERE WE ARE ~ most importantly ~ HOW WE ARE in the NOW MOMENT OF PRESENCE ~ EMPOWERED!

Your Energy is your calling card ~ what you resonate when you encounter others, is what you project ~ I myself, have new words in my soulular vocabulary … FEARLESS is number 1 ~ and always asked when faced with a situation of discombobulation … “what is the worst outcome? What is the worst that could happen”? when My Soul answers ~ FEARLESSNESS takes the helm … there is NOTHING …NOT ONE THING … OUT THERE, that can bring me what I AM Here for, in this MOMENT OF NOW PRESENCE, ALL ANSWERS ARE WITHIN ME … ALL questions, all perceptions, all desires and dreams … are WITHIN ME … it all begins RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW … inside of MY BEingness!

As an example ~ and I will preface that with ~ if you did something several years ago …or over a period of time not to understand who, what, where or when ~ there is NO coincidence to that ~ I have amassed a small fortune in Beads … I mean to the point of ~ I could open a retail storefront with the many beads I have … albeit, I do not really want to maintain a “retail storefront” ~ I just Love Creating … I Love playing with the beads … I Love to make beautiful designs ~ so when my Journey brought me into alignment with Soul, and I found and dedicated my time here, beads took a backseat … until a few months back, I was watching something on the History Channel about ethnic locations and traditions … it was a beautiful show and in watching my eyes kept going to the jewelry … the bracelets, the earwear, the necklaces or collars, the bejeweled feet ~ and it just “hit me” … Jewelry / Beads ~ not only a way of expressing ourselves artistically, it carries Great meaning for many and not just a passing fancy of what’s in style this month or season … carrying much deeper meanings and traditions, many pieces of jewelry are “StoryTellers” ~ I love this … and this brought me to my own “story”

~ I created “Rainbow Warrior” before … actually I created it when I first started on my Journey ~ I heard the words “the Rainbow ALWAYS starts in your Heart” ~ never taking “thoughts” for granted … the “Rainbow Warrior” was born … I am still that WARRIOR of LOVE & LIGHT! =o)

Which leads me to my point ~ the beads have sat idle for several years now … UNTIL the last couple of months ~ my hands, my thoughts … were engulfed with creations … now mind you, when I create … I sit on the floor, cross legged (for as long as I can) and spread everything out around me … say a small Gratitude Blessings Prayer ~ and let the magic begin!

This is my PASSION … I LOVE TO CREATE with the Beads (I FEEL their energy) … so I have been shared through higher thought, NOW is the time to create that bead path ~ to create STORYTELLERS! Every night ~ I am now creating … the fun part now is … I have a NEW perspective of creating with THE beads! I allow them to CO-create with my energy ~ to tell a story … to project a thought!

If you have a burning desire within you, if something stays near you for a prolonged time … if you find yourself daydreaming about something that you might have “poopooed” before, NOW IS THE TIME to ENGAGE that Energy! NOW is the time to bring that ENERGY … FULL CIRCLE … to Fruition! This applies to that “feeling/thought that brings JOY or puts a SMILE INSTANTLY” upon you” ~

Every Soul has a deep desire to bring a dream, a wish, a thought (no matter if you think others might find it silly ~ there is no silly thought or dream to a soul) ~ you are negating a powerful source within yourself by not Creating this Thought!!

Responsibility of your Soul ~ LET GO of EVERYTHING that no longer serves your Soulspace, your Heart Space … your Body Temple ~ as we move into the accelerated nanoseconds … literally, You are at a superwarpspeed space of CREATION ~ Embrace YOUR DREAMS … Your Desires … Your Hearts WIDE OPEN … ALLOWING your SOUL TO SPEAK … signed Dreams, Desires, Wishes ~

SERVE YOUR SOUL ~ that is your Soul Responsibility ~ BE the Creator that you are HERE TO BE ~ Search your Soul ~ the ANSWER is right there at YOUR BECKONING ~ just waiting for YOU!!

Your Heart Your Guide ~ Your Soul, Your Strength ~
Never, Ever ~ Ever ~ underestimate YOUR GOD/GODDESS POWER!
**YOU ARE ~ THE I AM ~ OF ALL ~ THERE IS** (I.n S.pirit)


From My Heart
Shared with
Your Hearts
There is

© courtland

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