The love you give is returned to you a hundredfold…

— Anonymous

The Sirian Councils of Light, Expanding into Omnipresence

Greetings to all peoples upon the Earth,

We are the Sirian Councils of Light Eternal.
We come to speak in this way with you to bring tidings of Joy and camaraderie.

Although much is in chaos in your world, we honor the tasks at hand for each of you and we honor your strengths individually and as a collective.
We are in honor of joining with you as you are each awakening to all that you are and have been…

This process of awakening, your ascension as you call it, is a process and then at certain points it reaches a tipping into a whole new playing field. Each tipping point is in stages, in a succession to allow the greatest ability for you to have these changes stick within your being.

So we speak of this newly arrived tipping point that is happening to each of you within for many things are changing and you are wondering what is next?
Yes we are here to validate this shifting into your individual expansion, this awareness of the many beings that you are.

This process is allowing each of you to return to an awareness of the multidimensional being that you are in truth.
This multidimensional being is one who is aware of themselves as a sort of omnipresence. An awareness of you being here and yet you are also in other places, in other lifetimes as other beings, some that are not human.

We call each of you to relax in this process for sometimes things that are revealed to you can be shocking! To see or feel that you are many beings can also be overwhelming! Know in truth that you are already all of that. It is just your awareness or perception that is changing.

If you can realize that, it takes a bit of the pressure off that one has to do so much, for in truth you already are everything, yes a part of everything and made up of the same is ness that everything is made up of.

We speak to each of you to rejoice in this process, and to open to the truth of how multifaceted you truly are, it is always what you have been.

This ascension is returning you to the understanding of your omnipotence.
We meet each of you with arms wide open to embrace and comfort you in any way we can. We wish to be here to be present as all that is returns to each of you as an embrace. As you open to your expanded presence and as you ignite your flame within to be lit.

This is your power source, you are returning to your natural power source that is deep within you, allow it to be completely turned on and expanded and embrace this now..

We hold the fields of love and expansion for you and for the Earth and for all the life forms known and unknown upon and within your beloved planet. We agreed to be here for this unraveling and to provide support in many ways to this process. We are so pleased to be of service in this way for it brings us much joy!

We ask each of you to be patient with your individual process and to allow more flow of isness within your beings. To let go of the minds hold on what it should be and who you should be and all of that.

We ask you to focus on letting go of that hold a bit, just relax and go with your flow; you will be safe and secure in this..

Today, tomorrow, the next, it is up to you in your process of this shift, choose that it will be done.
Choose that it will be done with grace and ease and in as much joy as you can imagine.

Hold your head up high to embrace your glory, your awareness that is cosmic in origin and allow it to be a part of your life here, deep within you this is stirring, answer the call..

You will find that you are already what you desire, if you allow the minds reach to be released a bit to know the difference..

We speak to each of you as One and we embrace you in all the struggles to remember who you truly are. When in doubt let go, relax, allow, yes it goes against what the mind has been taught, so then you know that the opposite will be in your benefit! We joke but there is a level of truth!

We say that all is returning to Oneness, that has been planned from the beginning it is now your time to shine; it is time for the Earth to shine!

Let go of the ifs and the has nots and be here in this moment, from here we shall see the light bring all truths to this playing field!

We are forever grateful to be here, to be present for this unfolding and we wish each of you to open your hearts to Love, to Grace and to your Joy! You can have all this in your life now, in this moment, wait not for all out there to change, open to this deep change and awareness within your very being!

You will then see as we do, you will see who you are..

We thank you for all that you do in each moment for it is a great gift to be here, not only for your life and it’s lessons but for the Earth, and for the Universe.

This time now will be showing you the awareness that is known through out many, many worlds and galactic systems. We meet you there upon this relationship in equality.

We honor your presence and strength…

Thank you,
The Sirian Councils of Light..

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel free to re-post as long as credit is given to the channel and her website is included, Thanks and Blessings…

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