This era is the time of “dreaming the world awake.” So let’s wake up together and dream.

— indigenous proverb

SaLuSa, February 16, 2011

Things are moving so quickly that almost on a day-to-day basis you are seeing signs of the changes to come. You are also seeing how the mass consciousness grows in power, and is becoming a force for good. As the dark Ones lose their grip on things so the Light becomes more powerful never to be subdued again. You can therefore look forward to more indications of how it is re-shaping your society. The pattern of developments will not be clear for a while, but see who is behind them and you will be reassured. Our allies number in thousands, and are the Lightworkers that unceasingly work to bring Light to the Earth. With the added impetus of so many people awakening from their slumbers, there is a greater movement towards banding together to achieve results. Anyone can add their input by sending out Light to the Earth, asking for it to be used for the good of all. The more of you that do it so the Light increases exponentially.

Dear Ones, you all have roles in life, and at some stage something to offer to contribute to everyone’s upliftment. Be content to do what is within your capability, and do not worry if it seems small in comparison to others. Quantity is not as important as quality, so do what you can to very best of your ability. It is not necessarily giving materially, and it can come down to giving people you meet a loving smile and a kind word. Believe us you do have plenty to smile about, as your hopes and dreams for a beautiful and peaceful existence are going to come true. Do not waste your time and energy on the negativity that remains around you, as it is being transmuted slowly but surely.

Let your mind absorb the beauty around you, and know it is but a small example of what is to come. Nothing of the lower vibrations will eventually remain, and if it cannot be lifted up it will be returned to its original energy form. Nothing can be totally destroyed, even although you may purposefully or deliberately cause destruction. In this way matter is used over and over again, so there is never waste as you would understand it. Having said that Man is notorious for creating waste, and it is only in recent times you have realized the need for conservation. The Earth has suffered dearly because of the disregard for her well-being, which in turn rebounds upon you in the way of shortages. The urge for wealth has largely created the damage to your forests and water life, to the extent that some species are in danger of disappearing from the Earth forever.

Fortunately we have massive Spaceships that hold and maintain the life cycle of endangered species, and we can if necessary genetically improve their caches of survival. In the past animals and the flora have been brought to Earth from other worlds, and left to acclimatize and establish themselves. It happened that way long before Man arrived on Earth. Naturally climatic changes have also played their part in the reduction in some species, but at any time we have been able to help them overcome adversity. Many planets have contributed to making the Earth one of the most beautiful in your Solar System. It took millions of years to prepare it for the arrival of Man, but far less for Man to despoil it. The destroyers cannot enter the higher realms where permanent beauty is a wonder to observe. The colors go far beyond the range you are familiar with and are vivid and glowing and in an ever perfect state. All of it now awaits you in the higher dimensions that you shall embrace very soon.

Coming back down to Earth there are physical changes yet to be experienced, but we shall be in those areas as a controlling influence. It is not our place to interfere what Mother Earth considers necessary, as there is much cleansing required. Often advance warning is available before events take place, so heed warnings regardless of where they come from. You are advanced sufficiently to identify the signals from Mother Nature, and often the migratory patterns of animals. During these periods try to control your fear, as such energies only attract further negativity. Think positive if nothing else, and you will be contributing to a smooth outcome. All will be somewhat different when we have arrived, and we can join you and help more directly.

The symptoms of change affect some individuals more than others, and we talk of the different energies being beamed to Earth. Those who have prepared themselves to receive their Light quotient, usually cope quite easily when it comes to absorbing the higher energies. But where the body is not quite ready it is a major change and is weakening. Rest and adequate sleep are essential and a general appreciation as to what food intake is beneficial. It is a matter of lightening the body without heavy cloying foods. Most processed foods are of little value, and it is far better to eat fresh and uncooked produce where possible. This way you can absorb the energies into your body, which will keep it healthy.

Many of you live close to or within the cities that are often much more polluted than outside areas. It is good to take trips in to the countryside, where the fresh unspoilt air will be revitalizing and the energies of Nature uplifting. Similarly the beautiful beaches and ionized air is also good for your upliftment. When you ascend you will have left behind such problems. As everywhere the energies are wholesome and invigorating, and there is nothing in use that causes any kind of pollution. The energies are such that you could almost live off them, not that your needs are anything like those you experience on Earth. It is your heavy physical body that needs continually stoking up, but by contrast your new body will be far less dense and require so much less to maintain it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and represent a voice that is just one of many that is received on Earth. As you will know by now, the Galactic Federation comprises of many advanced civilizations with the emphasis on higher levels of consciousness. All have gone well beyond any kind of warlike objectives and have reached levels of consciousness, that focus on the sharing of Love and Light for the benefit of all others. There is great joy and satisfaction in giving and helping other souls to lift themselves up. It is of course what is happening with Mankind, and we shall ensure that every soul that desires to be part of Ascension is successful.

Source: Galactic Channelings – Mike Quinsey

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