Let Love Radiate Without Concern For Results.

— Uranda

Message from the Masters

January 20, 2010

Anshallah! Ensi, anah anahtiun, ensitua!
From the fineness of the deepest inner light we greet you!

It is that on your planet you are witnessing a time of great balance. Your earth is moving, shaking her surface, and attempting to reach comfort in relation to great forces that are affecting her. Just as you balance from the inside out, so does your Earth.

It is that the energies which affect you in this now are very powerful in their effects. These energies are comprised of frequency sets that no human has ever experienced. Because of this, your bodies, your minds and the subtle energies which are your consciousness are being signaled toward great change. The changes that you are experiencing are subtle at times and at other times, as if the force of cosmic 2 by 4’s has struck you to stillness or propelled you into motion.

These energies will continue as the star gate systems we spoke of previously continue to refine, align and to open.

Previously we have said to you that:

There are many events which will escalate in the coming times. Now that the triangulations have culminated and particulate relationships are reordered and reharmonized, there comes a vast opening of multiple Stargate systems. This is a multi-level system, meaning that it crosses the time space continuum, dimensional thresholds and is interconnected by a vast series of wormhole systems. These systems are regulated with a valve system which allows for a, for lack of better descriptive in your language, vacuum system type of operation which in turn allows for expedient transfer of matter in particulate form. At the same time, these valves maintain positive and negative pressure thresholds between transfer stations and angulation changes within the system.

This series of star gate systems was utilized by the precursors of the Atlanteans, beings of an intergalactic nature. These systems are the Um, the Lenhe, the Aetnalin, the Urnallum, the Renari , the Leioni and the Dendor. 7 being the number of truth, 7 being the number of Stargate systems opening. This began on October 3rd of your previous year. )

Any time there are inter-dimensional events they serve to heighten the effects of energy within and around each of you. In a way, you become the event. As you are affected, you become attuned to the changes, your bodies become aware of every molecule of their makeup. Your minds become distracted, having difficulty focusing. Your emotions run the gamut from bliss to sorrow, and your consciousness becomes freer with each event.

As your consciousness and you begin to become more aware of each other, your experiences begin to reflect the process of awakening. In that awakening your perceptions begin to change and with your new perceptions your value systems change too. What made another seem great at one time in the old paradigms now serves to reveal the irony of the forces that propelled them to so-called greatness. And you begin to wonder what previous generations were thinking that they did what they did and believed in it with all their might. Taking your planet to the very brink of destruction and back again.

In this now, the forces are more subtle, like a virus moving through your world, changing perceptions, instigating change, changing you. It is as if humanity walks a thin blade of balance across a chasm of misperception hoping for something to change.

What we say to each of you that the change is you. How you choose to perceive and then, as a result, how you choose to act. Many of you do not act at all and therefore nothing changes. And you grieve for that which might have been. Look more closely. It was choices you made or did not make that brought you to this now. You maintain the ability to choose. Even choosing is a choice. That you have the power to choose is the difference and the impetus toward any outcome.

As a collective aspect of the entirety of being, each of you changes the course of the history of your world in every moment that you live and breathe. Together you are beyond powerful and serve as the incarnation and personification of the very supreme beings whom you worship. Imagine in your fantasies that your Gods walked your earth choosing from moment to moment who would live and who would die, and as they did, everything they thought or did became a reality right before your eyes.

It is this that each of you does every day without realizing it. You are that powerful. You are creation as it lives and breathes. You are created in the image of all that is with the power to be all there is and to create reality based upon anything that you imagine.

So we say to you, how is it that you can even begin to have a sense of powerlessness when the infinite runs through your veins?

You learn this from each other. As you believe that you are separate and without the resources to rise above all that is of density to act as almighty beings in place of your perceived weakness. You challenge each other or look to be noticed when the truth is that the only one who really needs to see you is you.
When you know who you are there is nothing else that matters except what you do with your very being.

To be powerless is an illusion that serves to define failure on every level.

You mistake power as aggression, and aggression as power. This is not so. Aggression comes from weakness of perception that becomes so single minded that no other reality is possible in that now.

Peace on the other hand requires a full scope of perceptions in order to embrace the infinite possibilities that are at your disposal.

As your world continues to shift and change, so do you. Remember these words to guide you in your darkness and to carry you out of your perceived limitations and out of yourselves into the light of your true capabilities. You are so much more than you remember.

We are grateful to be of service in this now.

Be in peace.
Antui ensitallah, ansi asi, asi, asi
And as your grace, we return to the light, with the light to within the light.

By Meg (SpiritLite)

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