At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.

— Lao Tzu

Enormous changes are in the offing

There is an air of excited expectancy abroad. Humanity is sensing that enormous changes of great importance, which will bring about great and much needed alterations in your attitudes and behaviors, are in the offing. This is not wishful thinking! What you are to experience is far beyond your present capabilities to conceive of, and will bring immense improvements to the ways you live and relate to one another worldwide. It is to be a time of momentous wonder for all on Earth, and it is a time to which you have been looking forward with hope and intense desire for eons.

Deep within yourselves you have been working hard to recognize and address the heavily ingrained dogmatic beliefs and assumptions that have continuously encouraged distrust and dissent among you. The resulting forceful disagreements, followed inevitably by fighting and wars, have caused painful, festering emotional wounds within you, which you kept hoping the fighting and wars would cure. However, in quiet moments you became briefly aware that this would not happen, as you saw that those with whom you had been fighting continued to hold grudges — as did you yourselves — even though it seemed that a peace had been agreed upon. Whereas in fact all your emotional wounds continued to fester, driving you to seek better ways to communicate with one another, whether one on one or nation to nation.

This continual festering discomfort has finally reached such a level of unacceptability and suffering that all over the world people are concluding that serious and effective steps must be taken to bring about a massive healing of humanity lest you destroy yourselves. And these steps will be taken because you have finally realized that there is no other option available unless you wish to remain in your war-torn illusory reality, which you most certainly do not.

The flame of God’s Love within you is brightening and intensifying as you choose to acknowledge its presence and start allowing it to guide you instead of the fears and anxieties that have driven you for so long. These are now weakening and will soon dissolve into the divine field of Love that is enveloping you, leaving not the slightest indication that they ever existed — for in truth they did not.

A time of great satisfaction and contentment will embrace you all as you release your fears, doubts, and worries into the divine field of Love that contains all sentient beings. Then you will see the divine perfection that each one of you is; you will cry out in amazement at the beauty of it all, and your cries will meld and harmonize in a perfect choral symphony of unending joy. It will fill your hearts with exhilaration and wonder as the glory of the Oneness of God with all of His creation engulfs every one of you, reaffirming what you have always truly known: that His Love for you is infinite, eternal, and all pervasive, because It is All That Is.

Focus your awareness and your attention on this magnificent forthcoming event, and enjoy the glimpses of it that you will see every time you respond to any kind of provocation with love and compassion. Doing this will awaken within you the peace and acceptance that is part of your natural state, and enable you to perceive your Father’s divine Light where before you saw only anger, fear, and pain, and you will know that the nightmare is coming to an end.

With so very much love, Saul.

Source: John Smallman

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