Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us.

— Sir Thomas Brown

The Councils of Light: Angels and Allies

For eons, humans have accepted and revered the presence of Angels as allies. We have trusted their challenges and their assistance, and we have honored them in prayers, sculptures, paintings, and literary texts, despite the fact that few people have ever seen them. We feel the presence of the Angles, and know their mission. As energies on Earth shift, and we begin to enter what many are calling A Turning of the Ages, we now know that there are many additional allies seeking to assist with humanity’s evolution. Ascended Masters and Light-beings desire to make themselves known to and work with people on Earth, to anchor into reality the Hope and Light we carry in our hearts. In deep meditations and channelings since the Harmonic Convergence in the 1980’s, they have reached out to spiritual pioneers on Earth to speak of the many ways we can all become more adept and powerful co-creators of our reality, so that love and alignment can bring balance on Earth, and positive creational energies may be amplified.

I used to find that meditation offered the clearest path to connection with higher and more pristine energies, and that practices such as yoga and heartfelt service were the way to live a life of spiritual devotion. I lived in that belief for almost thirty years and know many who still feel they are their best selves through those practices. But the positive feelings of the practices and lifestyle that once nourished me, and allowed me to be a part of creating a better life for others on Earth, has been accentuated through direct Initiation to these Light Beings and Masters. As the Angels once announced themselves as active presences available for human guidance and support, so this array of benevolent Beings, known by many as The Galactic Council, are now clearly announcing to many that their Love and Wisdom can pour forth through alignment with their energies.

Many of us have made this connection, and have felt the energies that fill the heart to both soften and expand. With regular practice, we have noticed that a deeper commitment to service to humanity follows, making individual life-purpose clearer. This is a lovely but deeply transforming experience as one’s own particular energies and life patterns integrate the highest vibrations of the Master energetics, with their simple, direct, and harmonious teachings, so uplifting in quality. A greater potential comes into awareness, a greater sense of well-being, of balance, and a stronger internal knowing of Oneness with all. The life path feels refined, clarified, and what has been sought through spiritual paths feels readily available.

Once the desire to make this kind of heart connection is voiced, life’s co-creational manifestation energies begin to come alive, and it is not uncommon to experience very clear shifts in patterns that once seemed entrenched. Like all spiritual paths, this one is no cake-walk. As the energies of higher vibration integrate, lower vibrations arise to be cleared. Tears, questions, and temporary physical symptoms all mark the journey of release. But anyone who has made a commitment to do good in the world, to make a difference of some sort, knows this journey. The self must make peace with service, and find a way with it that makes sense and creates happiness.

But when we desire a deeper connection to all that is, and the soul seeks to answer a deeper call to the spiritual path, we do find our way. And at this moment in time, Angels and their Allies, The Councils of Light, make themselves known to assist in both our personal enjoyment of this joyous energy and our work to make life on Earth better for all, no matter what that work may be.

Bonnie Sparling

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