We are far stronger and more magnificent souls that we were ever led to believe.

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The Time of Emergence

Dearest Beloved Children of God,

All blessings and love to you at this momentous time on the Earth. A new spiritual event is emerging into focus, which is the transformation of energies of darkness that previously held in place many entrenched situations, thought forms, behaviors and energies within individuals and groups on the Earth.

These energies of darkness have been liberated from their hiding places, and are now releasing into consciousness for those that need to see them. The spiritual atmosphere of the Earth is being purified; as a result, many people are now re-thinking and re-visioning their choices, habits, relationships and daily lives.

Beloved ones, a significant spiritual event is happening that is creating a massive level of upheaval, in the emotional and inner lives of many, and also on the Earth as the greater spiritual light activates her own transformation process.

The Earth is a living being who for centuries has nurtured and cared for all those that live upon her. She has patiently endured all and received both the positive and the negative that humanity has had to offer. Now, she is moving into a new vibration, so that she will exist in a state that is more connected with the spiritual realities that are the source of her manifestation.

This vibrational change, combined with the acculumulated stresses related to environmental pollution and the intense purification process happening for humanity, is causing a more severe and unpredictable weather pattern on the Earth. As a result, more and more people are now aware that their actions are having an impact on the Earth, and are seeking for environmentally sustainable solutions to daily life.

Beloved ones, there is a significant multidimensional change happening at this very moment on the Earth, which is creating momentous change for all. New and unexpected events, sudden changes in direction, and the emergence of new desires and hopes in the heart are emerging into consciousness for humanity. The acceleration of the process of purification has reached new heights, and is requiring greater attention as the results manifest in marriages, families, and all relationships.

New light is being liberated into consciousness as the energies of darkness continue to be transformed. The effects of spiritual light are becoming more pronounced so that even people who have no previous background or conscious understanding of this are beginning to have new experiences.

The soul is multidimensional and it lives eternally in the Oneness of God. At the same time, the human being who has chosen to experience the learning process of being involved with linear, third dimensional reality, exists for a limited “time” in the physical realms.

Now, as spiritual light has moved into a new predominance on the Earth, the previous separation between physical life and spiritual life are crumbling. Spiritual light is affecting not only consciousness but the physical body, and especially the sensory organs which exist as a bridge between spirit and matter, and which form a relationship with the physical planes of existence.

Many people are experiencing the falling away of an old life. For some, this is literal, as there are many souls choosing to exit the Earth planes at this time. For others, they are experiencing various forms of letting go, some of which can feel like a literal death. The one that receives these messages is undergoing such a process that will allow a new Self to emerge.

Beloved ones, when everything around you is changing, and when even your inner perception is being transformed, it can feel like there is nothing or no one to turn to. This feeling can create panic, desperation or even terror. Such feelings are the result of the dramatic changes that are taking place in such a rapid time frame, which stimulate the body’s innate self protection mechanisms.

On the other side of fear is surrender and acceptance, and the way through fear is love. When your entire body is consumed with a survival level of fear, the simple mental remembrance of love is not enough. What is needed is the strength of spiritual light and love, which is now available on the Earth in a way it has never before. The doorway to this love is prayer, which will guide you and lead you towards that which you need.

We give thanks to all who join us in seeking to bring greater love, light and peace to the Earth.

With all love and blessings,

Love and blessings,

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