To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.

— Agnes De Mille

Your Soulmate Already Exists in your Field of Possibilities

If the thought enters your mind to manifest a soulmate relationship, then a soulmate already exists in your energetic field of possibilities. This reality where you are united with your soulmate exists parallel to those realities where you are not with your soulmate. Shifting to the reality where you are with your soulmate takes focus and attention, and perhaps some changes in your present belief system.

If you have lived a life focused primarily in physical reality, it may take some inner work to build a belief in the idea that a soulmate already exists in your energy field and all that you need to do to energize this connection into your physical world is to nurture this seed with your love, attention, intention and focus.

Once you have sufficiently built this belief you are ready to create a timeline and identity shift around a soulmate relationship.

To create an identity shift, first set the intention to make the shift. This creates an energetic field that begins to attract energy, information, ideas, people and resources to bring your intention into physical reality. Open to allow your intention to manifest. Manifestation occurs when intention and allowing go hand-in-hand.

In order to fine tune your new identity, you may want to spend some time observing those who hold the identity of being in a soulmate relationship. Also observe those who hold identities based in not having a soulmate connection in their life. Observe the differences between the two.

You may also find it helpful to brainstorm all the images and ideas you associate with a soulmate relationship. In a journal, list the qualities and characteristics you associate with soulmates. Look for photographs and symbols that represent soulmate connection to you and place these around your home so they are always in front of you. This helps reaffirm and re-energize your intentions daily. If your brainstorming session yields images of things you can do that make you feel loved and connected to a soulmate, make time to follow up on these.

Something as simple as making time in your day for a walk in the park can boost your energy and enthusiasm for life which subsequently magnetizes a joyful soulmate reunion into your life. As you move further into an identity shift, you will receive images of your new self in dreams. You can also ask your intuitive guidance to bring you conscious images and closeups of any areas of your new identity that remain unclear.

Your guidance will also bring your attention to any barriers, unresolved situations, or old beliefs that stand in the way of adopting your new identity. Release any thoughts of who you have been, who you no longer wish to be, and simply step into the identity of who you are now — who you choose to be.

By strongly identifying with the self who is experiencing your chosen probable reality, you make it your present moment reality. When you bring your complete focus to your new reality, you move toward who you now choose to be, which naturally creates distance from any past realities. This carries you into a fuller experience of realities aligned with your new identity. As you adopt this new identity, you naturally shift to the timeline where you are living out this identity.

© DL Zeta

Excerpt from Manifesting Your Inner Soulmate in Physical Reality By DL Zeta
& Meeting a Soulmate in Consciousness: a Guided Meditation
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