I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves whispered it away. I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay.

Archangel Gabriel: Find the Tenderness in Your Heart

Beloved Ones,

I come this week to talk to you about another facet of “unconditional Love”. This is feeling and encompassing the feeling of compassion towards another with whom you may have had disagreements and finding that you have the ability to see and understand their point of view and in this understanding finding that you can be kind and tender with them, even when they have broken your heart. Having the ability to put yourselves into the shoes of the other and loving them in spite of differences in viewpoint, is practicing and feeling a higher level of love which we call compassion.

There is always a way to bring loving and peaceful resolution to the most testing and trying of problems between those with whom we spend our daily existence. Most of the time the solution is found when this quality of compassion is tapped into within your inner core of Being and in knowing that at the bottom level, the core, if you will, is the softness of heart that makes one tender towards another and accepting these Ones at that level in spite of all differences between you.

Too often, Beloved Ones, you go through life stuck in your own perceptions of what you perceive as a hurt or wound that another has inflicted upon you and it is hard to move past those wounds into the feeling of compassion for this One. We challenge you to begin to move in this direction now, to find those tender places within your hearts where Eternal Love dwells, that lives within the deepest parts of you which knows that in essence, you are all One, you are all a part of the Whole of life and you are here to experience this life. Along the way, you learn by doing and sometimes this will inadvertently hurt another.

The One who has hurt or wounded also experienced the wounding within themselves at some level and it is wise to learn to bring forth that feeling of compassion so that this is the level you tap into in all situations where resolution is required. This place within your heart is the infinite well, the cauldron of Eternal and unending love, compassion and acceptance for your fellow traveler on the journey of life upon a physical Planet. Humanity as a whole has the innate capacity to tap into this higher level of Love and it is this quality that is now being brought to the surface in order to bring balance within yourselves and by doing so, bringing greater balance to all in the field of consciousness.

Dig deep, Dearest Ones, if you must, to tap into this well of Eternal Love and compassion and lavish this upon others and yourselves. What is needed at this time is to allow yourselves to feel that Eternal Love within yourselves and direct this to yourselves. You are worthy, so very worthy of God’s love, so allow yourselves to love yourselves. You are worthy of the love of others. You are capable of loving all. Love yourselves, Beloveds, and in your love know that you are secure. When you have love, you have everything.

Put aside the hurts, wounds and slights that others seemingly direct towards you. Realize that they are reflecting back to you, your thoughts and feelings that are arising for your consideration, reflection and awareness and apply this Eternal Love to everything that comes forth for this healing balm. Everything that happens to you in your lifetime was brought to you to bring you to where you are now and where you are right now is higher awareness. Without the experiences you have gone through, you would not have this awareness. It takes inner reflection to see from a higher perspective of the situations that are occurring in your daily lives. With practice in becoming aware and the practice of tapping into the well of Eternal Love within your heart, you will find that greater amounts of Light and Love will begin to manifest in you and through you.

Ponder on these ideas until our next discourse. My Love is always with you, Beloved Children of the Divine.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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