Love is the ultimate answer. Love is not an abstraction but an actual energy, or spectrum of energies. Express your Love. Love dissolves fear. You cannot be afraid when you are feeling Love. Since everything is energy, and Love encompasses all energies, all is Love.

— Brian Weiss

Our Soul’s Essence ~ A Blessing from the Creative Source of Oneness and ~ Lord Metatron ~

The Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond
January 17th, 2011

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This is Fred speaking. I’m so happy to be here with you in this moment. Thank you for coming to the Temple tonight. It’s a pretty powerful week, and I think what I’m feeling and what I’m being told by many others on the Inner Plane level, is that the frequency on the Planet is becoming increasingly more intense and more valuable to each of you. We’re very, very happy to be able to be part of these energies in such a way. The power of the energies this evening is going to be an initialization to assist everyone in the process of the manifestation abilities that are occurring. It’s just like an extra doorway — a window — that is going to open up to allow each of you to feel the energies quite differently than you have previously. So I am now going to step aside – thank you for being here.

As the spokesperson for the Temple of 911 and Beyond, it is my pleasure.

I come to you in the Consciousness of Many in this moment. We will separate, but We want to bring forth the group consciousness of the Creative Source of Oneness and All That Is.

The reason that we’re coming through in this manner, in this moment, is to say thank you. Blessings are being bestowed upon you every moment, and the ones that haven’t been bestowed upon you are because the activations within you haven’t fully taken place. Please know that the time is coming for it to be so. It is Our greatest hope, Our greatest desire and Our greatest frequency to assist each and every one of you individually and collectively in a way that you haven’t received previously. It is a focal point of the Earth energy as a commandment that is occurring within you to accept the divinity within your physical bodies. Some of you may not understand what this divinity is, and it is not really for your mind to understand. It is for you to receive. There is a lot of magic occurring this week. Many blessings are going to take place and these blessing are being bestowed upon each of you individually and collectively as a thank you. This is a very powerful week; it is an expression of yourself in a new aspect that hasn’t fully been created in the Physical. As these elements of the Physical are fully embodied within you, you will see a change and occurrence within your lives that you have been desiring. That change and occurrence may come with some conflictions at times, but please know that the deepness of the movements that are happening for you in these moments, is the process of your divinity, and this process is allowing you to fully correlate the elements that you have lost previously in other lifetimes. It is now coming into full alignment, and this alignment is about to occur within each of you.

So on this evening we ask each of you to be very cognizant of what it is that you choose to create. What are your desires? What are those elements within you that you truly would like to have activated in the Physical manner? Many of you have been aspiring to these moments of time, and the time is coming. This Full Moon is only a small representation of what is going to occur upon the Planet this year. You will see many new people awaken. With this awakening, they’re going to need more and more assistance from those of you that have been on this path before them. When they awaken they may find their lower egos are so much intact that they will think they know exactly what is happening, when truly they will not have any idea at all, because once again they are moving from their lower minds; this is when it’s going to be a time for each of you to remember what it was like for you in the beginning – what it was like for you to feel the power and the essence of visualizations of chakras, of feeling the energies fully. It’s also a time for you to reflect back when it occurred for you and how the energy was quite different. Those of you that haven’t been on the path as long may not fully understand this concept, but the ones that have been on this path for 15, 20, 25 years or more can totally understand because their energy levels were full of density. The energy levels at this time are being created with such light frequencies, that the ability to fully transform yourself is of a different manner than anyone could ever comprehend. So it is a time for each individual to have patience and compassion as much as possible. And the ones that do not understand will find their own way.

You will know the ones that you need to reach out to. You will understand the people that are going to be part of your Soul family. So my dearest children you are becoming the Mothers and the Fathers of the God essence upon this Earth plane. It is a great responsibility, but it is a beautiful responsibility at the same time. It is like being a proud parent and knowing where you have come previously, and knowing where you are going, but still unsure of the pathway in front of you. Just be very certain of your intuitive sense, of the knowledge that is within you to create the destiny that your Soul aligns with. So as these individual people come together, it is imperative in this year for each of you to reach out and understand where it is you need to be located, where it is you need to be aligning, the work that needs to be done – and this can change from moment to moment. So be prepared for frequent locations for some of you. Be prepared for assisting others and yourselves. It is all part of the integration process that is happening of the Christ self within each of you as it occurs upon the frequency of the Earth on the Planetary level. You are the Way-Showers, you are the Teachers, the Healers, the Counselors. You are the ones that can assist an individual just by looking them in the eyes. You are becoming the Masters upon this Planet to assist in the frequency of All That Is.

Thank you for listening. Take a moment to comprehend what’s in your heart and not of your mind. Allow this frequency not to be in the words we are speaking, but truly to be in the vibration that is coming through. This is what’s going to assist you more than anything else, so allow those elements to be fully within you at all times.

In the Name of the Holy God of Hosts, We Are the Group Consciousness of the Creative Source of Oneness of All That Is, that all of you are a part.

In the Name of YAHWEH, We Are One.

I come to you in this moment as Lord Metatron. Within this frequency I have been asked to speak after the energies that have just come forth, and to bring to you the blessings that each of you are desiring and have in your lives. The frequency of the elements of change that are happening in this world are a direct result of the changes that you have made within, and I am not just discussing this lifetime. I am discussing your Soul’s essence, your Soul’s purpose. The elements of the continuation of your life and a different frame of manner than you ever have perceived previously. So I am here to embody that within you with the energies of the Cosmic Forces. The energies of the Multi Universal, the Universal, the Galactic, the Solar and the Planetary all wrapped up in one.

I ask each of you to take a deep breath and within this breath we will send you the frequencies of all the elements of the Rays of the entire God Force. That encompasses way beyond the 22 Rays of the 5th Dimensional frequency. It encompasses many Rays that are not fully active upon this Planet, but are fully accelerated within your own space and time. Within this space and time there are elements of latitude and longitude that are bringing forth these vibrations fully within your Being in this moment. It is coming to you vertically and horizontally. It is encompassing your entire light body; so take a deep breath and allow the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental and the Spiritual to be all one body. Let’s just visualize that right now – it’s pulsating at a rate beyond your comprehension, beyond the Mental level of understanding. As this comprehension comes through to you, there’s an aspect of your divinity that is going to be opened up into your personal experience that hasn’t quite been activated at any other time. This is your blessing.

Allow your Heart, Throat, Thymus, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root, Third Eye, and Crown as one huge embodiment of chakras intertwined within each other of what your Soul essence is about, not the Physical essence. Feel that vibrating within you. You will visualize colors that you have not ever seen. They will be mixtures of colors, mixtures of vibrations. They will come to you in the frequency of All That Is and what your Soul’s purpose is in this moment, and what you have brought with you in the continuum of your light frequency. Allow that to be embodied within you presently. Allow yourself to see the Silver, Gold, Yellows, Blues, Lavenders, Violets, Pearlescense, and the illumination of many colors and all colors. They’re all twirling within each other, spectrums of light in that frequency; if you just allow yourself to see circular motions of Rays intertwining within you vertically, then there’s Rays coming towards you horizontally, and as they reach your light body they move in a vertical position. So they’re coming from outside of you all around you. You are a Star, you are the spectrum of that Star as all of these Rays and these elements are fully vacillating within you. The higher energies and the lower energies – feel that frequency now – allow it to go deeply into your Solar Plexus, Heart and Thymus as those three chakras are all intertwined in one. Then it moves to the lower chakras and the upper chakras; it moves through your entire bodily structure, from the feet all the way up to your Crown. The vibration of all the bodies within one body circulating within you is a tremendous amount of frequency as you allow those elements to fully catapult and accept yourself in the divinity that you are of the Star that you are, and the embellishment that you are becoming in a Physical vehicle. Feel the vibration within your Solar Plexus because this is the deepness of your will and power, this is your strength; this is where we want to open up those aspects within yourself that fully need to be realized. Allow those aspects to come forward up into your Heart and feel them now. Feel the emotions and elements, and feel the essence that is vibrating through your entire Being.

We are giving you this blessing, but these gifts are your gifts. These are your gifts from your Soul’s essence, from your I Am Presence, from the Star shining above. Now it is time for them to be revealed. Allow this opening up of the curtain and revealing the deepness that is within you to fully be activated in quite a different manner than you ever have before. Allow yourself now to put that into form. What is it, what is it that you’re receiving? Is it the bliss, is it the joy? It’s beyond that! It’s the embodiment of who you are in the Physical self. As you allow this embodiment to flow within, you start to see a form in front of you. You visualize what it is and it is probably something that you’ve been desiring and working on. Allow that to form in front of you, allow yourself to embrace whatever is occurring. What is it that you fully need to activate in your life now – not something for the year – in this moment, for this week. As the activation of the manifestation is at its highest process at this Full Moon, we give to you this embodiment that you have been
struggling to create. It is here – open up your hands and see it in front of you – it may be a person, a thing, an element; it may be financial, it may just be the essence of something that you desire so greatly that it comes to you in a vibration and that vibration then comes into form – a material form. Allow yourself to feel that now and to see it in front of you. What is it that you see, what is it that you see that is your Heart’s desire? It’s your Heart’s desire to fully activate within the Physical this essence as we bless you deeply for the work that you have been doing, the work that you are doing, and the work that you are about to do. Embrace it. Embrace this right now. Embrace this blessing. This is a remembrance of your Soul’s essence; allow this remembrance to be fully embodied within you now and breathe deeply with that essence.

Let us now ask that every Human Being on this Earth of Gaia fully receive their blessing also. Allow each Being in this moment to feel the embodiment of their Soul’s essence and see the divinity that they are so that the changes can be made easily, effortlessly, and with great gentleness. Let’s just breathe that to the Earth right now to every Being that is upon the Planet, no matter what their circumstance or wherever they are. Allow that to be embodied upon everyone. As the embodiment occurs it filters through their Being onto the Earth, so all the vibrancy within them is then reached into the molecular structure of Gaia – into the plants and the trees, the rocks, deserts and the waters. Allow the blessing to be upon the Earth in this moment. As we bless ourselves, we bless the others, and then we bless Earth. Breathe deeply as we see ourselves taking a sigh of relief and saying, “My heavens it is here, it is finally come – the Christ Self within each of us embodied upon this Planet is going to help the Planet raise her consciousness. ” We take a deep breath and allow the breath to come back to us. Energize yourself with the frequency of your Soul’s essence as We have done previously. We look around the Temple and We see so many Souls at this point. All the Souls, each of us together in Oneness as We are remembering the divinity that We Are, and what a special gift this is. Let us embrace this love, this joy, this bliss, this experience that is brought to us by the consciousness of every Being upon the Spiritual Hierarchy, upon the Planetary levels, the Galactic levels, the Solar levels, the Universal, the Multi-Universal and the Cosmic levels. We Are All One — all a vibratory energy. Breathe deeply through that essence and allow that to be your experience in this moment. It is your gift to yourself. Allow it to go down to your feet, into your Earth Star upwards to your Soul Star. It’s in all parts of your Being – you are breathing it, you are living it, you are experiencing it. Let’s take a moment of silence and allow this embracement to occur fully within the Physical. Bless yourself in this moment for accepting these frequencies within your Heart and within your Beingness with the actualization of all that you are individually so that you can share with others and be part of the Oneness that is occurring within the
acceptability of each of your lives. As you accept this Oneness it assists us of the Spiritual Hierarchy feel that Oneness so that We can all be One together. We are not separate; it is now our time to feel the nucleus and the Heart that We All Are within the frequency of All That Is.

It has been my utmost pleasure to be here this evening, as Lord Metatron, to embody upon each of you these frequencies that We all embellish, and for you to remember your Soul’s essence and receive the gift that is part of your divine destiny in this moment.

In the Name of the Holy God of Hosts, I Am Lord Metatron at your service.

May peace be with you. I walk along the pathway that you are. I shall assist in any manner that I can.

This is Fred once again. Thank you for being here in the Temple. The magnificence of the energy right now is overwhelming to me. Please do visit us in the next week in your meditation or sleep time. It is a wonderful occurrence to be One with each of you.

Many blessings from the Spokesperson of the Clarion Light Beings of 911 and Beyond.


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