The awakening of ANY individual is a cosmic event.

Anchor The Diamond God Light

Dear Ones,

Remembrance, remembering. It is the process which each of you is going through right now. It is an intense cleansing, a purging of all that no longer serves your highest good. You must stay steady in the light, with diligence, with great strength and courage, with perseverance. We are with you in every now moment and we remind you of this. It is a time of remembering your heritage, remembering who you are at the deepest levels of your being. It is a time of remembering every aspect and facet of who you are, your individual heritage, this blessed inner wisdom, the God Self which you each are and display in great joy, through your thoughts your actions, your words, your feelings.

We ask you to dig deep beloved ones, dig deep to the very core of your being, your God Self. The unconditional love, the great wisdom of the Cosmos awaits you in this now moment. Each now moment is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your Godliness, to be the personality of God. You have the opportunity to embody God in every now moment. Choose wisely dear ones. This lifetime is but a breath of eternity. It is a now moment which fleets by on the wings of light. Waste not one God moment of eternity. It is more precious than you know, each moment providing you with the opportunity to return to your Glorious divine heritage, your birthright, to be and demonstrate God.

Within each of you is the radiant core cell of diamond light, blazing forth in every now moment. This radiant core of diamond light has been activated and it is up to each of you to make use of the diamond light radiating and flowing and expanding upon your earth in every now moment. This light is rarified and of the highest vibration we may give you access to at this time. It is the clear diamond light of God, at the highest levels, yet stepped down so that you may access it, integrate it wisely and fill your diamond core God cell to overflowing, with this light. The miracles abound, as your earth moves into her crystalline form, and as you dear ones move into your crystalline form. The diamond light provides you access to greater manifestation. The radiation of the light in your fields allows you greater access to your divine heritage of abundance, unconditional love, joy, peace and harmony, with absolute ease and grace.

The diamond light has been anchored on earth through the many brave souls who are incarnating at this time, and it is now being given as a gift, to those of you who are ready to anchor it in greater increments. This is a great gift and holds great responsibility for those of you who are ready. Misuse of the diamond light causes imbalances in your auric field, and imbalances in your thought processes. This gift will only be given to those who are ready to step into mastery. This light will not be given to those who will misuse it. You must each choose to make use of the diamond light with ease and grace. Sit down in meditation and call in the diamond light. Feel it, absorb it into your field. Feel it light up you who are now polishing the diamond that is you, to a bright and brilliant shine. The diamond light is a great polisher, yet misuse, will dim your diamond to lack luster proportions. Feel the flow of the diamond light, and begin to radiate this light to and through your field, filling yourselves with its brilliance.

You each have a crown of light which has been dimmed over the eons, and it is now time for you to wear your crown of light with strength and courage and to stand in the truth and integrity, the impeccability that is you. Your crown of light blazes forth with the Twelve Rays of God, in perfect balance and harmony, perfect brilliance, and the diamond light complements the Rays and fulfills the radiance of you. See your crown of light blazing forth with ease and grace, in balance and harmony. Wear your crown of light with great responsibility and great wisdom, yet wear it lightly, in love and joy. Each morning, place your crown of light upon your head and fill yourselves with the diamond light, as you bring in your Divine I Am Presence, to think through you, feel through you, speak through you, act through you, and see through you, in every now moment. Make this a part of your morning ritual which we have recently given to you, dear ones. Stand in your light with all your glory and radiance shining forth, and as you do so, your auric field touches those around you and they too, will awaken and move forward on their path into the Divine light.

Rest in God, beloved ones, relax in the now moment and know that you are loved, supported and divinely guided. See yourselves being held in the palm of God in perfect grace, in every now moment, and all is well. Feel the shower of God light, feel the support and the unconditional love of God, as you rest in the palm of the Father/Mother God.

We of the higher realms are here beside you, in unconditional love and support as you rest in the palm of God.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.

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