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— Philip Arnold

Vibrational Sickness, Part 2: An Energy-Rich Meditation

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Vibrational Sickness, Part 2: An Energy-Rich Meditation
Posted on January 16, 2011 by My Greater Presence

I invoke the I AM. I invoke My Greater Presence. I invoke the highest good for planet Earth and all who dwell upon her. So be it and so it is.

Greetings dear friends! This one, our Human Presence, took a bit of a break in order to incorporate a large surge of new energy that was downloaded into her on Thursday and Friday. She struggled as she experienced extreme low energy, shakiness, the inability to sleep more than a two or three hours at a time, and the inability to be present enough to spend the time required to channel us for this blog. It is an occurrence that many of you have experienced and we feel you can empathize with her plight.

How did she cope? Through attention to her diet—increase in her protein and greens intake as well as an increase in the amount of water she had been drinking–exercise through walking upon the Earth alongside a gurgling stream of water in a lovely area here in Ashland, Oregon, known as Lithia Park, as well as being good to herself by allowing herself to rest and regain her equilibrium.

How do you honor yourself during these intense and sometimes turbulent energetic times? How do you take care of your personal needs?

In our last transmission to you, we gave you suggestions on how to cope with Vibrational Sickness. Many of you have written to say that you were touched and helped by this information. We are truly glad for it is our greatest wish and purpose to be of assistance during these times of Awakening.

We wish to continue along these lines for a bit longer since it seems to be a topic on the minds of many who are currently reading this blog as well as those who will read it in the future. We believe it is of upmost importance that the 100s of thousands of you who are negatively impacted by Vibrational Sickness, Environmental Illness and Sensitivity, as well as stressed Adrenals begin to come back into alignment with the truth of who you truly are—whole, perfect beings having an experience of physical challenge in this moment in time.

Dear friends, first know that you are loved and supported beyond measure. We see you for the light you truly are. We know you as the masters you truly are. We hear you and applaud the brilliance of your beingness. We hold the vibration of you for you. It is time to begin to accept who you truly are and to come into alignment with your wholeness.

A Special, Energy-Rich Meditation

(An audio of the meditation follows the written one)

Be in this moment within your physical presence. Breathe deeply into your physical body at this time. Allow your focus and your breath to be in your physical body where you sit or lay at this time. Breathe and come fully into your physical body. Feel your body. If you are experiencing pain in your muscles, joints, organs, or other areas of your body, send love to those aches and pain. Breathe light and love into every part of your physical body. Keep breathing and focusing on your breathing and on truly coming into your body until you feel the connection and the solidness of your body. As you continue to breathe, allow your breath to fill your body and to continue down your legs, into your feet, and out the bottom of your feet.

Allow your energy to flow into Mother Earth; connect her energy with your energy and truly feel how you agreed to be here in physicality at this time. Remember that you stood in the front of the line and said, “Choose me! I wish more than anything to be of assistance to the planet and to humanity at this pivotal time. Choose me!” Do you remember? Mother Earth remembers. She remembers your excitement and dedication. She welcomes your energy now.

If you are willing, Mother Earth will combine her energy with yours and send you her love, support, and nourishment in the co-mingling of your energies. Allow this co-mingled energy to flow back up through the chakras in the bottom of your feet, up through your legs, and throughout your body and into your field, your aura. Visualize this wonderful energy as a rich dark green, a life-giving and life-nourishing Earth energy that is the Mother’s gift to you.

Know that you may access this energy any time you desire its nourishing support. Know that it is here for you in such a way as to assist you in acclimating the new energies and beginning the healing process in your body. Think of it as high-energy greens in an energetic form that nourish every cell in your body. This is Mother Earth’s gift to you. If it is your choice, receive it, and allow it to assist you at this very important time.

We have added a version of the above mediation as an audio on this blog to assist you at this time. We hope you find it to be of assistance in your healing process.

It is with great joy that we interact with each one of you. You are truly and unconditionally loved.

I AM My Greater Presence

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