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— Benjamin Franklin

Crystalai ~ Manifestation

Crystalai Ó 2011

There are two types of manifestation. One is to create from an idea, and the other is to form the idea. We have been locked inside of a world of beliefs that make us think that only the ideas that we can see here in this finite spectrum are the ideas that we can create from.

That means all of the world’s beliefs, including what is in the textbooks and the religious doctrines, and EVERYTHING ELSE that is in this world of beliefs. That might seem like enough ideas for most of those who believe that they are a mortal.

For those of us who believe that me are immortal – we would prefer to go to the place before the WORLD BEGAN. We would like to go back into the Mind of God to form the ideas that we want our Reality to be formed from.

Those who want to keep the world and manifest things that are already in the world in a little different creativity than the last idea are NOT thinking outside of the box. They are clearly INSIDE OF THE BOX. They are creating from the Mortal Mind in the Yellow Upper Cerebellum, which has conveniently stored all of the world’s beliefs inside of one sided DNA strands.

When we Truly begin to think outside of the box, we will form an absolutely new idea through the MIND OF GOD. How do we know that God is forming the idea? First, we must take the idea that we want to form clear up to Zero Point where Primary Consciousness is viewing ITSELF. Everything that Source creates is in Primary Consciousness of Source or God’s Mind. That Primary Consciousness forms an idea by creating a spark and then breathing on the Spark of Source to form a brand new Idea. In order for Primary Consciousness to experience the Idea that is formed, this GRAND ENTITY created Secondary Consciousness.

So, in order to create an idea there must always be two sides to the idea. There is the point of creation at Zero point and the point where the ideas are being viewed from. That point can be at any distance from Zero point. However, the idea must flow completely down from the highest frequency of zero point energy into the form of cosmic energy, universal energy and galactic energy before the idea can take form into a web-like blue body. Therefore, that idea within the blue body is the exact same perfectly formed idea that was created in Zero Point Mind of God, but it is now in ultra violet blue frequency.

Those of us who are not completely inside of the ultra violet blue frequency can’t see that idea yet. However if the idea comes on down to the infrared frequency we can see the parallel reality or the back side of that idea. We aren’t seeing the entire idea, we are only seeing the back side of the idea.

We can take this idea that is created from the highest frequency of the Mind of God into its blue body form in the Mid Brain. We can stand inside of this idea as we stand inside of the Mid Brain. We can see the idea forming around us as we stand inside of the Mid Brain. If we view out from the mid brain to the frontal lobe through the pituitary gland we can see the back side of that idea being printed on the film of that movie screen of our third eye or frontal lobe.

Once that idea has been created by the Mind of God, formed into the blue body in the mid brain and projected onto the frontal lobe, our eyes may then become the eyes of God. We can open our eyes and see the new idea that God has formed. Now we are beginning to see the entire reality – the front and the back- the spiritual coming down and the physical coming up are joined into ONE NEW PICTURE.

This reality that we see around us now is only a half reality. We are only seeing the front side. In the new reality we will learn to see the front and the back sides at the same time. We will gain a 360 view of everything. This is a BRAND NEW REALITY.

The Mind of God or Primary Consciousness sits at the back of our brain in the lower cerebellum area. Of course this existence is in the Omni particle form – an etheric level that is light years beyond what is seen as the brain itself. However, in the Divine Template of Etheric Form, the Mind of God sits in the lower cerebellum.

Those MORTAL IDEAS that are created from Old Ideas that are already sitting in the Upper Cerebellum, are just over used, out dated ideas that we have been re-processing over and over again into different forms of old ideas. That Upper Cerebellum contains all of the BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE of all of the OLD NEWS.

The Mortal Mind is like an archive of old historical ideas that are held by the government of the eternally mediocre creations. This is the exact same way our newspapers are written, our news channels are programmed. The information isn’t allowed to be given to the public until the MORTAL MIND locks it into the three seals of control.

So, what happens when we begin creating with and through the MIND OF GOD? The Mortal Mind FIGHTS BACK. IT fights long and it fights hard. That Upper Cerebellum does not want to give up being the editor and chief of your daily newspaper. It wants you to keep turning on the T.V., reading the newspapers, going to church, reading those outdated textbooks that the schools give you.

The Mortal Mind will even begin creating horror stories in your mind that make you want to run as far away from God’s Mind as you can get. This is what is happening to those of you who are having multiple fears arising in your consciousness that weren’t there before. It is the last war of Armageddon. That war is between staying in the Upper Cerebellum or moving to the Lower Cerebellum where the Zero Point of Primary Consciousness enters in to form a brand new reality of your heart’s desires.

How do we get Mortal Mind to back off and allow IMMORTAL MIND to come forth? This is the process of RAISING FREQUENCIES. There is a process of raising frequencies so that the zero point frequencies of Primary Consciousness absorb and transmute all of the lower frequencies into Oneness. The Mortal Mind must become transmuted into higher frequencies of Zero Point.

When we create frequency wave files, Crystalai oscillates her consciousness into the Full Spectrum of Light at Zero Point. That Frequency of Consciousness is obtained by riding my crystal star merkaba vehicle, which is a hierophant or symbol of the beyond speed of light travel – the speed of Love travel – where all becomes One with Source. Using the Crystal Star Merkaba allows Crystalai to connect her Consciousness into the Christic 12th dimensional frequency, and bring that frequency into the Brain, into the Heart and Soul, and into the Tail Bone to open the three seals. This activation begins the process of beginning the Crystal Flow of all dimensional frequencies. Crystalai uses the Crystal Star Merkaba to ride down into the Cosmic Core of Mother Earth and absorb the frequencies of Cosmic Consciousness. Next, the Merkaba brings those frequencies together with the Christic Frequencies and the Merkaba spins into the Crystal Heart to ignite the Spark of Source deep within the most etheric point of each cell of the body.

This zero point of the spark of Source inside of each cell is the point where Source Frequency can ignite the flame deep within each cell that connects the mortal DNA to the immortal DNA. This is what begins the process of transforming the DNA into 12 DNA strands. Each of the 3 mortal DNA strands connect with 4 immortal DNA strands. Those DNA strands are etheric and invisible. The three low frequency bands transmute into 12 bands of cosmic consciousness. This represents the connection back to the original 12 ideas of Source or the 12 Angelic Tribes of Consciousness. There is no doctor on Earth who can photograph or prove how many spiritual DNA strands a child has. When God’s Mind transforms the upper cerebellum, that old reality just won’t be there any longer.

This is the beginning of how our Frequency Music is created. It is all created from the Mind of God at the Zero Point Frequency. It is taken from the highest and used to transmute and transform the frequencies of each cell in the body to connect with the full spectrum of light and sound from deep within the zero point.

The raised frequencies are personally transforming every cell from the inside to the outside. The doctors will keep diagnosing your mortal body from the mortal mind through his mortal microscope. The doctor knows nothing of your immortal self. Your immortal self will put the doctors out of business. The doctor does not have any understanding of how the body is transforming from the zero point of the Mind of God.

If you keep returning to your doctor for the diagnosis of repeating illness and disease, you will be receiving that old re-processed information that never goes outside of the box. The doctor is just reprocessing old information that is stuck in the upper cerebellum. There is only one way to move out of the third dimensional upper cerebellum that is locked in the third seal. It is time to move completely out of that part of the brain and move into the God Mind at the lower cerebellum which views reality through the mid brain and process it through the frontal lobe.

If you have a labeled form of a disease that is re-occurring over and over in different parts of the body it is because that is what the mortal mind does. Once the mortal mind sees that you have taken its recycled idea out of one form it just recreates it in another form. The mortal mind will just keep the war going within your cells.

However, if you move out of the mortal mind and start creating with the Mind of God, none of those old IDEAS OF DISEASES exist in the Mind of God. The Mind of God is a Frequency that is High enough to melt away all of those old ideas in the Upper Cerebellum.

Bring in the highest frequencies and breathe and breathe and breathe with the Source Frequency through the Power of God Energy.

The Cosmic Frequencies sound like a combination of breathing and breaths. This is how we raise our frequencies. If you take these breaths that have already done the processing of raising the frequency of every cell and every chakra and every cell in your body, and then do your own breathing, you can easily transform your cells in your body to the etheric form that allow you to levitate or become invisible.

If you want to use the frequencies specifically for healing any part of the body, you should focus on feeling and absorbing those frequencies into the cells that seem to be tired or damaged. See each cell at its most etheric point. That is the spark of Source at the crystal heart of the atom. That is the Omni particle that Source Forms into the Idea of HIS IMMORTAL CREATIONS. We must begin to create from the mind of God from the Highest Frequency. That frequency is in the very heart of each cell in your body. The Individual Immortality Frequencies are those frequencies from inside that point within you. They are the frequencies that begin the transformation of your body from the white light, the Omni particle, the immortal DNA strand.

The Frequency Wave Files align the 3 mortal DNA strands into the immortal strands at four levels. This is done at the infra red level, the ultra violet blue level, the gamma level and the Cosmic level. This aligns the DNA into the 48 strands of Immortality. Finally all of these are woven into the Zero Point Level of the Mind of God to create 96 DNA strands at the etheric level of creation. This is the level of transmutation that is needed to achieve invisibility. Only 48 strands are needed to levitate. Only 12 strands need to become activated to heal your body. This level would simply be reconnecting your physical self into your spiritual self.

We provide continuous discussions, blogs and training through our blog sites. For those of you who would like to actually experience the FREQUENCIES OF TRANSFORMATION, you can bring your Earphones to our website and listen to Frequencies as often as you like.

Please help us help others get out of their Mortal Mind and Raise Frequencies into Zero Point where we can begin creating with the Mind of God.

Crystalai Ó 2011



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