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— Mike Dooley

The Difference between Intuition & Instinct

Our intuition is the way our Spirit/Divine-Self communicates through us. It always comes from within. Our intuition always has the highest perspective of all situations and experiences, thus guides us to operate and make decisions from this expanded space. Our intuition never steers us wrong, and when we are clear enough to listen and follow it, our journey makes for a smoother experience. Intuition operates with discernment as opposed to judgment.

Our instinct is a physical response or reaction from something outside of ourselves. Our instinct is meant to protect us on the physical level which is important to honor. However, the important thing to note is if we always operate from our survival instinct, for the most part (but not always) we are operating from a space of fear and victim consciousness. Fear disconnects us from our intuition and our true essence. What happens is, we begin to define ourselves as just physical beings through our third dimensional experience, which results in the forgetting of who we really are, Divine Spiritual Beings having a physical experience.

When we operate from our intuition, we are usually in alignment and are always guided to be in the right place at the right time, and doors that once seemed closed begin to open up in all areas of our lives.

The best way to reconnect with your intuition is to meditate daily. Meditation does not have to be difficult or long. You don’t have to try to quiet your mind completely, just be easy on yourself through the process. Over time, you will begin to receive amazing insights and revelations that will assist you greatly on your journey!

© Emmanuel Dagher 2009

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