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Powerful technique to help raise your vibration

Blessings everyone!
I created this tecnique to help you generate a very high vibration.
Many people have endlessly researched about positive thinking, vibrations, and the law of attraction, and although they resonate with the concept, many of them seem to have a difficult time knowing how to raise their vibration in order to effectively work with them. I would like to share a very easy and powerful technique that will assist you in drastically raising your vibration. After you generate this high vibration, it is highly recommended that you manifest from this space. Manifesting from this space will magnify the power of your desired manifestation.


Step 1: Take 3 deep breaths

Step 2: Imagine that someone just told you the biggest secret of your life! Actually, what you have just been told is so huge, that it is going to positively transform the face of our planet, humanity, and your life in the most incredible way forever! This is going to happen very soon!

Step 3: You have been asked to keep this secret a surprise for a bit longer, because there are a few more details being put into place.

Step 4: You start to feel like you are almost going to burst with joy & excitement, because of what you just heard, and the fact that you are one of the only people that know is making it almost impossible to contain your excitement!

Step 5: Feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude pour over every cell of your body, mind, and spirit for knowing what is about to happen will change life forever!

Step 6: Use this moment of bliss to manifest your desires.

I would love to hear your experience with this!

© Emmanuel

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