When you judge another; you do not define them, you define yourself.

— Dr. Wayne Dyer

Purest Consciousness And Presence

Message 28 – Universal Matrix

We observe the busyness that humans are so skilled with. We actually marvel at the various and diverse ways that most humans use their time, energy, and focus. This is the physical reality, and the goal here is to understand, manage, and transform energy that is dense and limiting to bring consciousness to everything.

So the highest truth, in actuality, is that any activity that the human performs offers the incredible opportunity to infuse that activity with the purest consciousness and presence. The key to that statement is “purest consciousness and presence.”

Most humans have the habit of staying in the activities of the mind. They allow the mind to have free reign of the day and the energy that is flowing through the body…. They usually are unaware of the power they have to shift and change any activity they are involved with. They complete one task in order to complete another like a robot that repeatedly performs a duty, totally absent of any feeling or heart connection.

It is time to develop the keen awareness that no matter what you are doing in your daily life, it is affecting the entire universal matrix. We repeat: Anything you are doing. An example is the job of taking out the trash; this mundane activity can be a moment of divine transformation for you and for the energy grid if you bring your full divine presence into the moment and the activity. You can infuse the trash with the light in such a manner that wherever it goes it also shifts the surrounding energy of everything and everyone it touches.

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