Most folks are about as happy as they make up their mind to be.

— Abraham Lincoln

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn


Have patience and trust, don’t try to force things to happen. Detach from your desires once you have made your decisions and trust that your Angels will take care of the details. Your responsibility is to: Ask for help from your guides and angels, and you all have an entourage of light beings in various forms and from various dimensions who have agreed to be your assistance from the other side.

The second is pay attention to your inner guidance. Connect with your own deep knowing and you will be guided each step of the way. We talk to you through the prompting of spirit and your inner guidance is connected to us. So were your golden cloak of wisdom always.

Be sure that you are not blocking your manifestations with contradictory negative thoughts. Use Affirmations to help you stay focused, positive and strong. Sometimes situations that appear negative to you are your opportunities to grow and expand your ability to be more love. So remember to see only the love within it and be brave and look at what your next step is with us by your side.

You are dearly loved, the Angels

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