My invitation to you is to begin living every moment as though you are miraculous and deserve to live an extraordinary life.
Fake it if you must and keep faking it until it’s real to you.
The gift you will be giving yourself is a lifelong journey of disco.

— Anonymous

Where are you Now?


Hello to you and all dear ones upon this Earth,
who can hear upon these words in this frequency in the way that is your perception of hearing.
We speak of this perception of hearing from what you hear upon your ears from within you.
These voices within you that speak to you of lack, of fear, of worry.

We speak of these worries that are upon you in your daily lives that keep you from being in your truth.
These things that are in your external lives that bring you much feelings of suffering, of victumhood, of feeling that you have no way out of these circumstances, that it is just that way upon your world and you have no abilities to correct it!

We know that it feels you have no way around it, so what do you do with it?
How can you change it? What choices does one have in the ways of the world external?
What can one do to be empowered upon these things, to help one come into balance now?

We will speak of this, we will speak of the ways of the heart and what this means to be upon this way of living.
To be of the heart is to be in an allowing state of acceptance.

Can one be in a state of acceptance without feeling that one is in victimhood?
These are important questions to ask oneself. Where are the boundaries to allowing and to acceptance?
This acceptance we speak of is accepting all’s choices. Yes to accept the choices of others and of yourself.

Here we are delving into what drives your choices?
What are you believing about reality?
What are you accepting as a fact?
Yes to be indifferent is not to be in acceptance, for indifference is to be in a state of lack.
So we will say to be in a state of acceptance of All.

Can you be in that state?
What would allow you to be? If everyone else changed?
What about you, where are you open to change? Where are you in acceptance of all, of all’s choices, be asking these questions…

We are here to help you open to the required frequencies of Love, of Balance of acceptance of Life. We hold these frequencies in Love to help one in acceptance. For acceptance of oneself is true Love, it holds all keys to Life, to all questions…

Be in a frequency of acceptance, of all that comes your way, of opening to new truths, to new understandings.
Allow the way thru this timing to be of acceptance on deepest levels.
Know in truth, all are here to grow and be awakened.
This knowing from within is deepening, is allowing you to see the truth of Life.
We are all here to be of assistance thru these changes, to help humanity to come into resonance with their Divinity!

We want each of you to know how deserving of All you are.
Each of you are here with purpose, with gifts, with Love.
Align with your self. Align with your Truth, with your Life.
Let go and forgive all situations that feel out of balance, with lack.
Let go and rest assured that it is all with reason you came upon everything in your life, all lessons are leading you home.

All growth is expansive, even what you deem mistakes; it opened you to a different choice in your experience.
Be open to new understanding, to new experiences to Life!
Be open to yourself, Be honest there.
Know in this you are giving yourself the greatest gift of Love!

The questions to Life seem complicated, but the answers are always easy, be open to the simple, to the easy, to the flow..

Do you trust Life? Others? Yourself? This is where we begin to see the truth, in that all will be revealed to you, to your eyes..

We speak to you in this way to help you to go deeper into the truth within you. There are things there you do not want to allow yourself to see. Know that as you reveal those things to yourself, you will get clarity in what your truth is. You will have realizations that trigger higher consciousness.

This up and down, left and right is seeking balance with itself as you are all seeking balance within yourselves.
Be patient, be allowing, be in a state of forgiveness, acceptance with your process and all others, this will bring peace to you.

Tomorrow is another day, is another hour and minute of your Now.
How do you wish to spend it? It is your choice, Trust your choice!
Trust yourself, your process, your purpose.
Be in that state of trusting you, accepting you, being you!
Let go of all the shoulds and coulds and whys..

Where are you now?
This is of utmost importance, where are you this moment!
Become awake in this moment, right now.
See all with new eyes and hear with new ears, listen to You..

We come in acceptance of you, as you are, who you have been and what you came to do. You are here to be in agreement, acceptance of you here. Be in the moment and be you.

Know you will discover worlds within you, landscapes, you are infinite!
Remember all that you are, and all that is, is One, a oneness of being,
Be in allowing of the discovery of this on all levels.

So we will leave you with some things to chew on,
Where are you in this moment, check in often, be aware…

We leave you with this,
You are All, you are Love eternal, you are Peace, You are Abundance,
You are everything, so Be it!
Nothing to change, just allow yourself to agree!

We love each of you at whatever frequency you are at, all are in perfect states for their own experiences, all are beautiful in that!

Be in that as well, find the gift, and match the frequencies of the Universe.
It is all within your power…

Be as One,
We thank you…

Ray Dawn

copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Thanks!

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