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The Arcturians, Acceptance of who You Are

Hello to all peoples of the Earthly realms, we are speaking to you,

We are the Arcturians.

We speak to you from our vantage point, a point of Love that is met within your heart. We meet you there within your heart so as we may communicate on a tone of Oneness.

We would like to communicate our benevolence in working with you all and the beloved Earth herself. She is meeting you all as well within your heart space, and wishes you to breathe easy upon her.

Knowing that much change is afoot in your reality can cause stress within your forms and within your minds ability to understand what all is taking place within your realm.

As all the changes are happening in your now, again Breathe easy…
We ask you to come with us to a point of stillness, a point of reflection upon where you are in this now moment…

We and all the helpers of the unseen realms are here to help infuse this sphere with divine acceptance. To accept yourself just as you are in this moment. Come with us to reflect upon all that you are in truth.
We meet you in that point of stillness, in that point of remembrance!

Upon the Earth in this moment all is collapsing into itself. By that we mean all is coming into a resonance with the true nature of Life.

We from our standpoint wish each of you to come into resonance with your truth. You will find that as you come into resonance and acceptance of what is your truth, your still point, you will be in Joy!

This is a necessity in your moments for as all is collapsing, that is what will stabilize your fields, this loving acceptance of where you are in the moment.
Allow that acceptance to create a foundation of this New time that is upon you, this new time of Unity in form.

We await your acceptance of who you are, for as you do, you open all possibilities of Change, of growth and with that comes the Love you so seek, the Oneness that is your true nature.

We greet you in awareness of this great shift that is yours to claim.
We greet you in the acceptance of All, for in that you are reborn in strength!

This strength that is coming into your fields and is lifting you up is already deep inside you, it has just been hidden from your everyday mind. This strength is your true power and will open new doors of awareness to who you truly are behind the forms you are in..

This strength is what will bring about this shifting of the Tide, and we ask you to be diligent in your awareness of your truth.

Again and again it seems we say these things to you, and yes that is a part of our agreement. For we agreed to be here, to be present with this shifting of the tide, we agreed to be here and to offer support in your awareness of your true nature.

We speak to each and every one of you to come unto your still point and from there open your fields to all that you are.
Open your fields to the Love that is inherent in everything and beyond the grasping of the mind..

Open your heart to yourself, to acceptance of where you are in each moment and allow yourself to Be!

Know that much is shifting and in that it brings stress. To help you to be in resonance with your true nature, align with the deep core of your being.

Your being is made up of many fields that are beyond the physical and are not as of yet measured by your tools upon the Earth.
Nonetheless, the truth of you is that you are large and vast beings of Light.

The way we see you is of much beauty! You are surrounded in fields of light and sound and colors that are quite exquisite!
You will see and know this in your time upon the earth for this is also a part of this great shift into the New.

Allow the process to be easy, allow each step to take you home.
Know that yes this is a process, but you can help it be more fulfilling in each moment by letting go of resistance to change!
You hold all the cards as to how fast or slow you want to change for it is always your choice…

We are here to help stabilize your fields for that is a great part of our Joy.
We will help each of you to come into resonance and bring a lighter step to your journey.

Be kind to yourself as you are rapidly shifting in awareness and know that all the struggles are leading you to brighter horizons, to brighter horizons of upliftment from the downtroddeness of the reality you are in.

Keep focused on the Love that is you, and allow the openness of your heart to take you home!

We greet you in your natural abilities and want nothing more than for you to see your innate beauty and glow, it is ever present, even though you don’t always see or feel it, it is who you Are!!

So we leave you with this..
Awaken to your Divine powers of acceptance; awaken to the gods that you are.
You are a mirror of all that is Divine and everlasting it is who you are in Truth!

Call to us if you so feel we can be of assistance and we will meet you there..

Unfold the possibilities of a lighter load and wait not for others to change, but be that you wish to see in others, always return to yourself, for there you will find all answers…

Until we speak to you in this way again, awaken to the fact that we are already speaking to you and working with you on an individual level, for the benefit of all peoples upon the Earth…

Thank you for your gifts that you are remembering, for you brought them with you on this journey to the Earth…

She opens Her heart to you in loving acceptance of the loving beings that you Are…

In Truth,
All of us, the Arcturians…

Ray Dawn

copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
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