Take the risk to realign every part of your life so that it mirrors your true likes, passions, and interests.

— Archangel Michael

You are always expressing yourself through your personal energy field

Humanity’s path to awakening has been long and arduous, but the end of the journey is approaching. As you observe the chaos and confusion that is occurring on many parts of the planet, be aware that many of you are reaching out a helping hand to those in need, and that this is happening on an unprecedented scale. By offering help, without judgment or conditions, you are in effect offering, sharing, and extending love, compassion, and healing, and this dramatically alters your individual energy signatures. In your normal daily lives, earning your living, caring for your families, and paying your bills, your energy signature is calm, ordinary, and unspectacular, in fact quite normal for those living in the illusion without undue stress or anxiety.

When you reach out with love and compassion to those in need, it expands hugely and becomes shimmering and radiant, melding with others of a similar radiance. The power of these melded energy fields is simply phenomenal, and increases exponentially with each additional energy field that joins the meld. Others feel it, normally not physically or emotionally, but as a strong intuitive nudge to reach out as well. Even the smallest sign of generosity and kindness is very powerful and has a knock-on effect way beyond the area in which it is offered. Your power as divine beings offering love, solace, compassion, and forgiveness is truly amazing, even though you are mostly unaware of it and receive very little feedback.

Your reaching out to others on the scale that is now occurring on Planet Earth is quite breath-taking, and the energy it creates is self-sustaining and constantly expanding. If you could see the dynamic effects of what you may well think of as your very small contributions to the planetary needs of humanity, you would be absolutely astonished. Every thought you have, word you utter, or action that you take with loving charitable intent has enormous positive repercussions throughout Creation, and the energy it releases is permanently available to you all.

Focus on the sensation of love for which you long, and that you earnestly desire to experience. Practice offering it to others in every situation in which you are present, expressing yourselves – wherever you are, you are expressing yourselves through your personal energy field, not in words or actions, but by constantly holding the intent to be a loving, calming presence. This is a very powerful way to live. At first you may quite possibly feel that it is a useless exercise, even an excuse for not participating actively. However, as you persist with this intent you will find that you are becoming more peaceful and less judgmental, and you will notice subtle alterations in the attitudes and behavior of those around you, as your calming presence affects their personal energy fields in a most positive manner.

To do this places you firmly and inexorably on the way to awakening, which is the journey you elected to take and to accomplish when you chose to enter the illusion. It gloriously brightens the inextinguishable flame of Love that your Father placed within you to guide you home. Others will sense it, and their own glorious flames will brighten. By reaching out to others like this — by sharing your Father’s Love — you strengthen and intensify humanity’s intent to awaken, and you help to guide it towards that divine state: its final and permanent destination.

With so very much love, Saul.

Source: John Smallman

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