Holding onto the past is to stay stuck in a place where you no longer belong.

— Robert Tew

SaLuSa, January 12, 2011

You are achieving a wonderful turn around in your lives, from having touched the depths of darkness. The way back to the Light has been a torturous path where you have successfully met challenge after challenge, and proved your ability and intent to stay fixed on your goal to ascend. Somewhere from within you have mustered the strength to rise above the lower vibrations. Now you are firmly established on a new a path, that promises completion within this cycle of duality. For eons of time it is what you have worked for, even if in latter times you have only known it through the promptings of your subconsciousness memories. It has always been the plan for your release from the lower energies that have held you back. Every credit is given to you for having overcome many obstacles, and today you stand tall and are beacons of Light in the darkness.

There is no reason to drop back although there is a testing period immediately ahead. There will be ups and downs that will cause emotional reactions amongst you, but stay calm when it comes to the final battle between the dark and Light. The Light works in subtle ways that maintain the balance, so that it continues to transmute the lower energies. In the maelstrom that will occur the Light will act as a line of defense, so that the dark Ones cannot make any progress. It will ensure that they continue to be in array, and there will come opportunities for our allies to push for disclosure. The pressures are mounting from many quarters for it to go ahead, and when it does it will trigger more happenings that will lay bear what has been happening. Quite a few countries are prepared to go ahead with many new innovations, and that again is an area that has until now been manipulated by the dark Ones. There is so much to reveal and in all cases it will be to your advantage.

There has to be the release of various energy saving devices, and particularly those that remove your dependence upon oil. The Petrochemical Industry has squeezed the life out of you, whilst causing much harm to Mother Earth through the resultant pollution. It must stop and plans are in place to put a end to such archaic means of producing energy, when it has always been freely available. It is ironic that whilst you are saddled with the costs of oil-based products, there are secret military bases that enjoy all of the benefits of new technologies. It was never intended that they should be used exclusively for the advancement of military power. You are all One and should be sharing anything and everything that improves the quality of life, whereas you are deliberately held in a time lock to feed the ambitions of the Illuminati. Dear Ones the time has long passed when you should be moving beyond the restrictions imposed upon you. You are beginning to realize it, and your calls for changes are going to bear fruit before very long.

We of the Galactic Federation will be instrumental in bringing an end to your experiences of lack and the denial of your rights. Certain of our representatives are already briefed and protected to ensure that the truth cannot be held from you for much longer. It will all be done above board, although where necessary we shall use our superior technologies to give us the advantage. We will empower our allies in such a way that no obstacles placed in their path will be able to affect the final result they seek. It does take time and we tread carefully so as not to infringe anyone’s freewill. If we did that would go against us, and we do not intend to allow that to happen. With the Brotherhood of Light on our side and yours, we will benefit from sound spiritual advice that will result in a glorious victory for Mankind. It is nothing less than you deserve, and as yet you have little realization of how magnificent it will be. You are souls of Light that have run the gauntlet of all the dark Ones could use against you, but have still retained your dignity and sovereignty. It is only fitting that you should enjoy the experience of a well-earned and well fought victory.

Stay within your Light at all times, and do not be swayed by any disinformation that is around that attempts to take your eye off the goal to Ascension. Creating confusion is a tactic well used to distract you, whereas if you are sufficiently enlightened you will see through it. Check everything against the provision that what is of the Light works for the good of all. It does not create fear, and does or feed your ego where it seeks only that which is for the benefit of self alone. In reality everything you have needed is available to you, except that it has been kept from you to prevent your independence. That will totally change as the months roll by, and your time will be spent in more enjoyable pursuits as you participate in projects that will jump you into the future. We are to eventually become One, and with Ascension that will be achieved.

Like you we are waiting for a breakthrough that will allow us to enter your lives more fully. It is all part of the Divine Plan that has been laid down well into the future. In actuality virtually all of you have had awareness of us from many previous lives, and in some instances full contact. That is why we are not seen as the threat that the dark Ones would like to make you believe. In fact it is they who have rubbed shoulders with the more negative Space Beings, and allowed them secret bases upon the Earth. In the context of freewill that is not something we can interfere with, as it is covered by the Law of Attraction. You have in fact learnt a lot about it in more recent times, and having done so can use it to draw light to yourselves for your advancement and protection. The Universe is built upon the Laws that hold it in place, and accordingly will soon change as all ascends. It is an orderly Universe in spite of the apparent adversities you sometimes experience, that are themselves brought about by imbalances that are caused when all fails to move in absolute harmony.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that our combined efforts have at last curtailed the activities of the dark Ones. They have not get given up but their belief in their invincibility has been seriously undermined. They will not be allowed to regain their powers and as they disintegrate, their weaknesses will provide the necessary opportunities for our allies to expose them. We must clear the way for open contact, and be ready to prevent any form of retaliation. We want a peaceful end to their reign, and that is what we are working for. We bless you all with the Light of our Being.

Source: Galactic Channelings – Mike Quinsey

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