If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.

— Maya Angelou

SaLuSa, January 10, 2011

Over long periods of time your approach to spirituality has resulted in your belief that you are separated from God. That has meant you have spent innumerable lives seeking here there and everywhere for God. Yet when your consciousness begins to expand you find out that God is both within and without, in fact everything that exists is within the energy God. Therefore you are a part of your Universe’s God, and in turn part of All That Is – The Supreme Creator. It is because you have now passed beyond the need to have another soul show you the way, that you have been able to take control of your own journey. The choices made by you now fully reflect your desires, and you become the master of your destiny. Your beliefs are formulated by your own experiences, and you realize that it is you who has created them. Now you are free to go forward without relying on others, and by the same token you can allow them the same freedom.

Finding your true Self also enables you to understand your purpose in life, and direct your experiences accordingly. You and you alone take responsibility for them, as you attract to yourself whatever your intent is focused upon. Consequently we urge you to be positive as to what you want out of life. If you set your sights upon Ascension, then continue to keep it in your sights without allowing anything to distract you. The time you are in now is bringing the changes into view, and as Mother Earth takes a hand in the proceedings some of you are going to be involved in her changes. Try to accept them for what they are without deflecting from your path, knowing that whatever is necessary to complete this cycle is forging ahead. Certainly this year will suddenly erupt into many changes that will just be the start of a whole series of them.

To be forewarned is to be ready for whatever happens, and chaotic events will leave you undecided as to who or what has brought them about. It will not become clear until First Contact has been made, and our observations or warnings of what is to come are able to be made public knowledge. Our presence will be your assurance that you will be guided and made safe wherever possible. At present the dark Ones are at panic stations trying there hardest to create confusion. Until we can completely silence their weaponry, they will still have the means to interfere in our plans, and care not what the outcome is where you are concerned. Indeed their whole intent is to cause as much death and damage as possible, and disruption in your lives. You will not have to put up with their actions for much longer, and our plans are well advanced to remove their leaders from their positions of power. Our allies will then move into action when given the signal, and that will be when the outcome can be positively assured.

Do not let your frustration mar your understanding of the coming months, as certain developments are essential for the next opportunity to reveal “disclosure”. Even when an announcement has been arranged and not materialized, it has still resulted in more people becoming aware of our importance to your future. It has helped to counterbalance the fear that many still hold, which is largely borne out of the lack of knowledge about us. The dark Ones have played upon it, and used the media and particularly the film industry to keep up their false depiction of us. All of this will change quite rapidly when we can address you directly, as it will not be difficult to show you our true selves. Our plans will be well explained; to leave no doubt as to the peaceful intentions we have where you are concerned.

Through your own strength of determination you will see your way forward, and rise in consciousness as the powerful energies of upliftment continue to reach Earth. Much activity is being noted in your Solar System, and it is becoming quite clear that major changes are taking place. Like Earth, the other planets are being restored in readiness for Ascension. There can be no denial that the changes are unprecedented as far as your history is concerned. Your scientists are uncertain as to what the significance is of them, and are reluctant to express their opinions publicly. We can understand their hesitancy to come forward, as without a positive understanding there is always a possibility that fear will result.

As with other changes that are being observed, we hope to soon be in a position to reveal the truth to you. Yet for quite some time the whole process of Ascension has gradually been explained to you. Going back even thousands of years, you will find that learned beings were predicting these end times. It was often referred to as the “harvest” of souls, since it was known that those who had become of the Light would rise up from the Earth. Such events have occurred on a regular basis and sometimes even during a cycle, such as the disappearance of the Mayan people. Ascension is quite a natural occurrence covered by the Laws of the Universe, which is why any individual soul that is ready can ascend. As we have explained before, this time every soul is being offered the chance to ascend, because it is a special dispensation to allow for a mass Ascension.

Forgetting the affect the changes will have upon your daily life, it is a wonderful time to be on Earth. One day you will look back and feel so privileged to have been a part of the experience. If you can approach it in this way, then it will have little impact upon you other than to reveal the wonders and beauty of the Divine Plan. Regardless of what happens every soul will survive, as there is no such thing as death because you are immortal. Each of you will progress to a point that is right for your present stage of evolution, because no one else is doing the choosing but you. Unless you feel ready for Ascension and can walk that path, you will find yourself accepting a continuation of your present experiences. No one will see your choice as representing a failure and no judgement will be made. Your freewill is very much protected and honored.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and on behalf of the Galactic Federation promise you every help in ensuring the end times are an easy passage, as much as we can make them. We never cease working for you, and our allies who are near to success in bringing out disclosure.

Source: Galactic Channelings – Mike Quinsey

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