Love is not a feeling. Love is spiritual energy. Love is pure creative energy at its highest level. Love expressed in human form actualizes your divine self.

— Barbara King

The Joy Ride of a Lifetime


Channeler: Alec Christos Gabbitas

Holy-day greetings to one and all as the precious energies of this festivity are gently affecting and caressing everyone, knowingly or otherwise. There is no ‘escape’ if that is the word, for all that is ensuing is in highest divine good and programmed by those not only off planet but also by you precious ones upon. A momentous time span we are all together realising and once more does the intimate fusion of sacredness and of enjoining hearts entwine and enfold us in these magical moments, of purest unconditional, unadulterated soul love.

The celebration of any Christ-massing is ever a potent and universal energy, and it will not cease so to be in any foreseeable future, as it’s an intricate part of the Hu-man genealogy which is well embossed within the hearts of ‘man.’ It is part and partial also within the divine blueprint of man / woman and so will ever be an uplifting and supportive energy for all to dance or bathe within. Many avenues and many effective inlaid and myriad sources of input that we are all blessed with and open to, as we venture further into the mysteries, or perhaps the ‘remembrances’ which are now ripening for recognition yet again.

Gather unto selves the remembrances of yesteryear when you walked those paths of learning and of co-creation. Gather into your awareness the testing times that also tried you in many ways, and you at times stumbled and falter into maybe a preferred forgetfulness. Now is the time when the recalling and the ‘realigning’ of those moments are regurgitated by your wondrous selves as
your forward movements are cleared of strewn memo’s, ghost’s or skeletons in the cupboard of yesteryear! Nothing to fear, simply an acknowledgement of that which confronts you, a loving caress and a fond releasement, and adieu!

You are therefore ready for this ensuing year as it may well be likened to the ‘Joy Ride Of A Lifetime!’ YOU ARE now brave enough, strong enough, caring enough, unconditionally loving enough and competent enough to co-create the brightest future within these forthcoming months of linear time. You are in the driving seat, or soon so to be! As you retake up your ‘mission victorious’ in humility and honour, will your collective energies become a force-field to be reckoned with, and the light ever victorious will visibly be portrayed across the heavens and upon and within the planet, Mother Earth.You are and will surely be enjoined by your mighty off planet fellow travellers in their many and wondrous ploys and guises, standing side by side with their star brothers and sisters, family!

Your contribution is as ever priceless, as indeed are theirs, and the imminent culmination of many eons and epochs of time will be readily enhanced by the sheer strength and beauty of limitless love and infinitive lighted perfection. It is a time for the more precious work to be seen to be done. It is a time for the souls of such exquisite presence and honourable birthright to stand ever taller and ever stronger.The winds of change again blow forcefully through the heavens and the mighty ocean waves break stronger in their power and plenty ebbing out all discarded dross and flotsam.Then on the turning tide bringing forth the new contours and the new boundaries of the fertile lands for all time. You are to be those stalwarts brave and hearty, remembering so surely whom you are and to whom your allegiance is irretrievably married. You are whom you are!

Mighty are the ‘once fallen,’ for they have climbed surely yet again into those vibrant light bodies as the crystalline power enfolds each cell and atom in the re-calibrating of their divine merkiva’s of light and divinity. Welcoming more in Metatronic maths that indelibly signatures their pristine chariots of fire, of diamond light in crystalline compatability. Hold forth ever the belief, indeed a knowing, that all and everything is meticulously unfolding in highest divinity and the grand plan, as it were, stretches forward into impeccable reaches of obvious unfoldment. Remember that this is the JOY RIDE OF A LIFETIME!

Pay no heed or importance to those whom would tell you different, for in Gods House are there many mansions. We would rather you use the front door that is elevated and much clearer vision. Heed you not that which is forthcoming from the workmans shed for he/she might not yet be as informed of the bigger picture as that which is forthcoming from the heart of ‘Mine House!’ Approach ever always via the front door, knock and await, for you will never be turned away yet surely redirected on your path to where you best be and therefore guided to.

Never doubt the frailty or inadequacies of man but always lend him your ear and an ever open heart. Honour him, regardless whether he be the gardener or the headman for it is not easy sometimes to discern the depth of another’s understandings and enlightenment. Intuition is ever the keyword, yet you too must be very discerning and ever open to another’ point of view. That point of view might well suit him, but might well not be suitable in your understanding. Live and let live, love and let love, give and be open to receive, offer and be open to accept, mingle or abstain but do not alienate yourself from others. Be ever aware that I, you, and your brother/sister are ever and always ultimately as one, and indeed are infinitely blessed in the might and light Of All That Is!

Greet each day as a day with abundant possibilities, not as something that has to be endured! Every day is indeed an immaculate stepping stone that is especially for you in your magic and mastery.You are here, along with your off planet fellow travellers, to introduce heaven onto earth and to be those living conduits handpicked by The Creator for these purely wondrous moments….

Selemat Ja,

(c)Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and ever United Kingdom. Please copy and share affording full credit to the source. [email protected] *

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