Inspiration can come from the strangest of places! Don’t question the source! Just collect wisdom for the hive of the mind.

— The God Light

SaLuSa, December 13, 2010

Never let go of your vision for the future because as you and others use your powers of creation, you are helping ensure that it becomes manifested. You are all co-creators and that has applied from the time you moved into the lower dimensions. You needed guidance to apply your energies to the true workings of Light, as you became so detached from your real self. In the lowest vibrations it gave birth to those who were not of the Light, and they conceived plans to hold you captive. The Light was not denied its part in trying to reach you, and Beings of Light walked the Earth to bring souls together for their enlightenment. When there was little communication between people it was difficult to spread the Truth, and met with much resistance from those who had seized power.

The power of God was recognized, but explained as a series of energies that were attributed to individual Gods of a human/animal appearance. This was very much apparent in the Egyptian period, which is why Pharoah Akhenaton introduced the One God of the Sun. It was in recognition of the part it played in bringing the higher energies to Earth. It was the beginning of a new concept and understanding of the deity, which created a new flow energy that laid a foundation for the recognition of the One God. However, the old beliefs were still strongly held and survived, until individual’s teachers incarnated on Earth. Jesus was one and his ministry resulted in the earthing of powerful energies of Light, which have remained to this day. Much distortion of his teachings took place and even today they remain in the orthodox religions.

With the approach of Ascension it was necessary to awaken people to the truth, and new spiritual groups such as the Theosophical Society came into being. Their purpose was to bring the true history of Earth to people’s notice, and explain the existence of God and the higher powers in a way that could be understood. The Spiritualist Churches were born and contacting higher entities and receiving channeled messages, bringing the old teachings up to date. Now it is commonplace to find them being received every day, but as with every source of truth it has been infiltrated with deliberate disinformation. That is where you have to be very discerning in what you accept, and be sure it resonates with you. We regularly point out that you should use your intuition, and as you become more aware it becomes easier to recognize the true teachings.

It is not our place to unduly influence you, as you are responsible for your own choices. We simply put before you pointers to the way ahead, and concentrate on preparing you for Ascension. That is clearly important as time speeds up, as you do not have a great deal of time left to make your decision as to which direction you are going into. The difference now to past times is that you are being helped to grow in awareness, and it is true to say that your levels of consciousness have grown immensely over the last 50 years or so. It has all been part of a carefully laid down plan to advance your progress, so that you are given every opportunity to be ready for the final run in.

You are on the verge of seeing major changes and the most important ones will come with disclosure, as then you shall learn in detail exactly what is planned and will lead you to Ascension. It is to be a joint effort that is one of spiritual enlightenment and awareness of the whole process of change so that the New Age can commence. It goes well beyond 2012, and as you are learning you are about to take the first step of many that will take you back into the higher dimensions. The end of duality must of necessity mean the removal of the dark Ones, and like any other soul they will find themselves moving into a similar vibration to their present one. Souls who have chosen to stay within the present dimension are of a vibration does not allow for them to rise up any higher. The Laws of the Universe will be seen as fair and just, and God does not condemn or punish souls who have not yet awakened to their true self.

If you can avoid fearful thoughts about the immediate future, you can move through the changes with little effort and nothing of the lower vibrations will be able to touch you. Clearly each person’s experience will be personal according to his or her circumstances, and karmic responsibilities. So you may be assured that whatever happens to other souls, it will have been part of their planned experiences. Many will pass over before Ascension and if they are nevertheless to be part of the process, they can join it from the Astral realms which they will go to upon death. These are all natural occurrences where you are concerned, but only apply to the lower dimensions. Once you have ascended there will be no such thing as death as you now understand it. You can in fact decide when “your time is up” and move with ease from one body to another.

When you are of a higher consciousness you will have much more say in how you evolve. You can for example return to the lower dimensions in the name of service to others, or birth into a new civilization. Some of you are already aware that you will stay with your present one, and join the Galactic Federation and travel the Universe with us and go anywhere that our services are required. We have our home planets, but can spend most of our time living on the ships that have absolutely everything that is required for a comfortable existence. In fact some them exactly replicate our home conditions, and you will find cities within the larger Mother Ships. Evolving is a serious matter, yet can also be a great adventure. Once you become a Being of Light it is perfectly natural that you would want to give to others, and help them through their evolutionary process.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and feel the crying need of many souls who suffer, but be sure we are ready to alleviate your circumstances as soon as we can go ahead with our plan. We ourselves are guided by even higher Beings, and respect their ability to see exactly what is to be done, and the correct time to do it if it is to be a complete success. We send you our love and blessings as always, and even if you are unaware of it we are doing much to reduce the affect of the problems you are experiencing.

Source: Galactic Channelings – Mike Quinsey

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