Once you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start having positive results.

— IndigoSpirit

Your shift towards awakening is a joy to behold

As you become increasingly aware of the fact that you are spiritual beings undergoing an illusory physical experience, it becomes easier for you to accept that you chose to undergo the experience for the lessons you wanted to learn. Nevertheless, that does not necessarily mean that you can recognize and understand your spiritual lessons as they occur, even though you learn them. However, as time passes, things that disturb you or unsettle you are experienced less intensely, indicating that you have been learning the lessons presented to you. It becomes even more apparent to you that you are indeed making progress when you observe others who seem not to learn and who, as you perceive them, keep repeating the same mistakes and suffering the same pains. Of course it is not as you perceive it! They too are most definitely learning very valuable lessons; it is just that your ability to perceive, let alone understand what they are learning is sorely limited, although your perception that you are making progress is totally valid.

Life, as you live it and experience it within the very limited frame of the illusion, is an ongoing spiritual learning process during which you are continually making progress. The illusion is a game that you (collectively) invented, built, and continue to support, and because you are powerful beings with divine abilities, when you built the illusion to experience separation (which was not a good idea) you included attributes that would enable it and you to grow and develop in many directions.

Your Father, through the Holy Spirit, constantly uses those attributes to help you become aware of your spiritual origin so that you will continue to make progress on your journey out of the illusion, and back to His divine Reality, your true and eternal Home.

His Love for you is utterly without limits or conditions of any kind, and in Its fullness and intensity He could not and would not leave you there lost and without guidance to find the exit, even though it is only an illusory state, because what you apparently experience there can be so very intense and painful. Without His loving guidance and support it was possible that you could have wandered mindlessly and fearfully within that crazy state for far longer than you have done. Your shift towards awakening, although guaranteed and assured, is a joy to behold as we, in God’s divine Reality, look forward with excited anticipation to that wonderful moment.

Continue your prayer and meditation, your compassion and forgiveness, and savor within you the happiness, peace, and contentment, and the holy sense of safety and security those attitudes and activities provide. You truly do know that you are on your way Home, and that what your senses are telling you about this is indeed the truth.

With so very much love, Saul.

Source: Johnsmallman

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