You are a blessing to the universe, a very magnificent being of light.

Love is your essence

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Humanity is ready to awaken, like the first buds in spring after a long hard winter, as the sun warms them, encouraging them to open. Similarly, the divine Love enfolding the planet is being widely felt, and the news of war and suffering presented by the main media is a distraction to which you should pay minimal attention. Be aware that there is suffering, perhaps even your own, but focus on God’s Love which is focused on you in every moment; accept it and share it by being yourself, the loving peaceful being that your Father created for eternal blissful existence, because that is who you truly are.

Being one with each other, your thoughts, attitudes, and intentions affect all of humanity, and the reason you are mostly unaware of this is because the illusion severely limits your ability to be aware. Remind yourself frequently of this truth during the day and intend to receive, accept, and share your Father’s Love with everyone of whom you think or with whom you interact, without exception, as does your divine Father. This will bring you peace that will strengthen and intensify the more often you take moments to remind yourself and renew this intention throughout the day.

You were created in Love, and so Love is your essence; it cannot be changed. Anything you experience that is not Love is illusory, ephemeral, and will not endure. Remember this — remember that all are one, and you cannot fail to be the pure and perfect beings that God created. It is time to leave the illusion behind, and to emerge and show your brilliant radiance of divine Love that you have been attempting to hide or disguise for far too long. As soon as you stop judging and start accepting one another your true radiance starts to show, encouraging others to do likewise.

You are experiencing existence in the illusion at this moment because you chose to bring in the Light to disperse it finally and forever. The Light, the Love, and the compassion that are all aspects of your divine heritage suffuse you completely and are ready for you to display simply by accepting that fact. Any sense you may have of personal inadequacy is an attempt by your ego to disparage and shame you and draw you back into the endlessly repeating cycle of suffering and disappointment that is the illusion.

You are here to show the way out by radiating the brilliant Light of Love with which your Father has filled you and which others will see and follow, thus unmasking their own radiance and intensifying the Light. There is evidence all around you of Light Holders doing this in ever-increasing numbers as the Light spreads relentlessly through the illusion. This Light is divine, brilliant, and inextinguishable, and it is starting to be seen in even the darkest corners of your illusory environment. That environment cannot withstand the Light and will dissolve into nothingness before it, as always divinely promised and intended.

The moment for you to awaken into your real and eternal state of existence is drawing inexorably closer. It cannot and will not be prevented or delayed, so relax in the knowledge that the Reality of perfect divine peace and harmony will sweep away the dark clouds of the illusion in which it seems that you have been enshrouded for as long as you can remember. Nothing that is not part of God will endure. You are all part of God; the illusion is not. . . and will disintegrate. Your inheritance is secure, assured, and eternally guaranteed by your loving Father.

With so very much love, Saul.

Source: John Smallman

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