May you always have Laughter, Smiles, and Beautiful Thoughts, along with the Joy and awareness that you are precious to all…God bless you.

The answers to your questions are soon to be provided

Humanity’s patience is truly being put to the test as you wait with hope for your awakening and the dissolution of your imaginary reality that has brought you so much suffering. Your confidence that your Father’s promise that you will awaken is firm and strong; your doubts are but illusory wisps of fog that momentarily hide the divine Light from your eager vision.

You are infinitely loved in every moment of your existence because you were created from Love in Love for all eternity. That is the only way that your Father creates. It is Reality, and it is where your existence is forever ongoing. Your present unawareness of this and your inability to experience it is like a brief shadow passing in front of the sun, to be gone in an instant.

As you continue waiting patiently for your rapturous awakening, know that your loving acceptance of the task you have undertaken with such competence and willingness is very effectively nudging countless millions of your sisters and brothers towards that divine state. Those who for lifetimes have been harboring attitudes of anger, hatred, and fear are finding that the intensity of those feelings are weakening, and that a sense that it is possible for them to forgive and even love their enemies is giving them pause for thought. It shocks them that thoughts like these could occur to them, and it shocks them even more that instead of dismissing them out of hand they find themselves contemplating the possibility of acting on them.

The moment of awakening can truly be seen to be approaching as even the most ardent disparagers of the possibility of such a momentous event are beginning to doubt their disbelief. Soon they will start admitting that perhaps they have been wrong, confused, and that there may well be a divine plan coming to fruition that will raise all into the most sublime state of existence that is way beyond anything that could be dreamt of by anyone immersed in the illusion.

This change of perception that is rippling through the limited field of consciousness that you experience in the illusion is largely due to the focused intent of the many Light workers who have been toiling so hard for so long to ensure that awakening occurs. The effect of your gargantuan struggle to bring all to the Light is starting to be apparent to anyone who chooses to open their awareness just a little. Opening your awareness is a little like taking off blinkers: your field of vision expands considerably, and what comes into view can be quite startling, causing you to ask questions that would not have occurred to you before. And having asked them, you want answers.

Well, the answers to your questions are soon to be provided, and many of them will amaze you. You will wonder why you spent so much time wearing blinkers, and you will rush to persuade your blinkered friends to discard theirs. As they do so, open communication of a kind never before experienced on your beautiful planet will bring to all the information and the desire they need to enable them to join in the awakening process, which is now firmly established and will not be thwarted. Great wonders are soon to be revealed.

With so very much love, Saul.

Source: John Smallman

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