The mind should look through the eyes of Love.

— Peter Dunov

SaLuSa, November 8, 2010

Events are moving on very quickly but by your reckoning it seems slow, because you do not have the advantage of seeing the overall picture. We monitor certain individuals who plan covert operations against you, and also our allies who need our protection. This much we are allowed to do without being seen as interfering in your affairs, as after all we are a major player in your immediate future. We experience minor problems from time to time, but nothing can stop the plan for your Ascension. In fact every soul will leave behind the old Earth, to take their place in accordance with their life plans. Those that ascend with Mother Earth will be the souls that have specifically planned to do so, and are fully prepared for it. It is one special occasion when you can progress very quickly with immense help from outside. Individuals have always ascended through sheer determination and working in the Light. Now the opportunity is being made known to as many souls as possible.

By the end of this cycle each person will be clear in their understanding as to what is taking place. At the moment there is some confusion, as many different versions of the end times exist. In a manner of speaking it makes no difference how you view it, as eventually you will step onto the path that fulfils your destiny. It is however preferable to have some goal in mind that you can work towards. Do not be put off by the expectations of others, who visualize a different outcome to yours. You will already know subconsciously where you are heading for, as that knowledge already exists within. As you are finding out the end times were known thousands of years ago, as they were part of the plan for your civilization. Hitherto your more recent cycles ended in destruction due to Man’s own actions, and this time it was decreed that it would end successfully. It is why we have been with you more openly over the last century, and why our presence has been emphasized in very recent times. It is only natural that we will join you in the final period of completion.

We have not forced ourselves upon you, but gradually made contact with many people and set up channels of communication. Our brief is to ensure you and Mother Earth is fully ready to ascend, and assist you when you make a quantum leap into the future. As ascended Beings ourselves, we have also embodied many spiritual aspects into our contact with you. There is much that needs clarifying if you are to be fully awakened to the truth of your sovereignty, and existence as souls of Light. That is happening now with the influx of Light, and the resultant rise in your levels of consciousness. We would say that you are now awakening very quickly, and it is bringing you to a point of questioning what has already been given to you as the truth. For too long in all good faith you have allowed yourselves to be led in almost all aspects of your life. It should have been far much better for you than what you have experienced. There has been a deliberate plan on the part of the dark Ones to keep you in ignorance as to your true worth and entitlement.

Dear Ones, you are already on the path that leads to Ascension, and there will be no going back to the old paradigm. Those of who are uncertain as to where their future lies, need not be concerned as you will move on to your chosen path to complete this lifetime as planned. Few grasp the full impetus of what is taking place, but it will become clear in the very near future. These times are very special and all present are privileged to be part of them. Forget your immediate problems and hardships, as soon you will understand how such conditions will quickly change for the better. We find that your hopes for the future are enabling you to move out of any fear factor, knowing that little or nothing can harm you once you surround yourself in the Light. You are powerful beings and realizing that you can confront the dark Ones, without falling for their fear mongering tactics. It is you the people who are beginning to call the tune, and no longer beholden to those who believe they hold the power.

The Sun is changing, the Earth is changing and it is a sign of how far reaching the changes extend in your solar system. We do not expect you to fully understand how massive the changes are, and even comprehend the total effect within your Universe. Can you for one moment realize the power of the Beings of Light that can carry out such a task. We do not expect you to be able to do so at this stage, as you have enough to occupy your minds with you own ascension. However, there was a time when you too were present in the higher dimensions, and understood how the hierarchy operated. Some of you were members of the Councils or groups made up of highly evolved Beings, who in service to Humankind dropped down into the lower vibrations. So do not demean yourselves thinking that you are without value, as you are yet to learn the truth about yourselves.

Look at each other with the eyes of your soul, and try to see the glorious Being of Light that stands before you, and remember that their earthly status means very little in this respect. Even the drug addicts and criminals are souls that are experiencing in a way that will lift them up again. That will no doubt sound strange to you, but bear in mind we are talking about lessons to be learnt as part of the pathway back to the Light. Such souls need your love as much as anyone if not more, as they have acknowledged their weaknesses and accepted the challenge to overcome them. All of you have experienced such periods in your lifetimes on Earth, and it is a matter of treating others as you would wish to be treated yourself. In other words, let go of judgement and condemnation of others, as it is not given to you to know the facts surrounding another souls life plan.

Think of life as one great play, where all are in roles of their choosing. When the curtain comes down all revert back to normal, and return to the Light. Love of your fellow Man has been tainted by the perceived differences that have placed you apart from each other. In reality no one is any better than anyone else, even if outwardly it appears otherwise. As you near the end time you will realize this to be true, as your consciousness levels and understanding will have considerably risen up.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and know you will all reach your destination, and we of the Galactic Federation are honored to accompany you.

Source: Galactic Channelings – Mike Quinsey

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