The soul attracts that which it secretly harbours; that which it loves, and also that which it fears.

— James Allen

You are ready for enormous changes in attitude

Full consciousness — fully awake in the brilliant light of eternal day — is your natural state of existence, and of course you have never left it. Where you seem to have your existence, in the illusion which you collectively reassemble in every moment, otherwise it would disintegrate, life and your environment do seem very real to you. And because it seems so real it is very difficult for you to release your belief in it and your attachment to it. Even when your body dies and you find that you still exist, you mainly react by choosing to return to Earth for a further human experience because you have become addicted to this unreal state in which you play your strange, competitive, and hurtful games. And truly it is only yourself that you hurt, despite appearances to the contrary.

To awaken is to lift the veil, disperse the mist, and leave behind the shadows to experience the glory of God’s divine Reality from which you have been hiding. It seems to you to be so long since you experienced Reality that not only do you doubt its existence, but also, because of what you imagine to be your immensely sinful behavior, you think that even if it does exist you are totally unworthy to return there. You see the atrocious sins against humanity that have been committed throughout your recorded history and cannot envision a God Who could or would forgive the perpetrators of such horrors. You are unable to accept 1) that these perpetrators rely on and use the intense negative energies that your harsh judgments of others supply in abundance to enable them to carry out these heinous acts, and 2) that it all truly is illusory.

Reality, God, is all that exists. Nothing does, or could, exist outside of Him, simply because He is all that exists, and He is infinite in every way. He is the unending abundance of energy within which all that is exists. He is the life force, the divine field of indiscriminate, unconditional Love. He is Love; He creates in Love; consequently all that exists is Love.

The illusion you have made and continue to support, maintain, and rebuild is a quite horrific concept that is in complete opposition to the glorious wonder that is Reality. As I have told you before, you conceived of it as a way to experience separation from your divine Father, and to play imaginary games that are impossible in a Reality of unconditional Love. Initially, you were quite captivated by what it seemed you had made: an environment that allowed you to judge and condemn or to forgive and love, to hate and destroy or to indulge and allow. You seemed to have infinite power to use as you pleased, quite separately from one another, and, of course, the result has been chaos and confusion as you each seek ends that are divisive and incompatible.

Finally, the extreme incompatibility of your separate agendas is seeping into your awareness. The insanity of the separate and divisive plans that you have been attempting to implement for so long is becoming apparent to you. You are ready for the enormous changes in attitude that are required to enable you to stop playing these unpleasant games and awaken, allowing the illusion to dissolve back into the nothingness from which you built it.

The end of the illusion, and the suffering it engenders, is approaching. Your happiness and exhilaration in the joy of being alive when you finally awaken from this deranged and stifling nightmare will overwhelm you.

With so very much love, Saul.

Source: John SmallMan

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