At the deepest level of Being, you are one with all that is.

— Eckhart Tolle

Everyone feels that something of enormous significance is about to occur.

Waiting for a momentous event to happen is very stressful, and throughout your illusory environment signs of stress are to be seen everywhere. The momentous event is of course humanity’s awakening into fully-conscious awareness of their Oneness with God and therefore with one another. When this happens the stress everywhere will dissolve, along with fear, anxiety, and judgment, to be replaced by eternal peace and ecstatic joy. Every human knows deep within themselves that this is to happen, even though the vast majority have no conscious awareness of this.

This deep inner knowing, because it is far below your level of conscious awareness, leads to severe impatience and stress, which is then attributed to the various unhappy situations occurring across the planet, such as wars, extreme weather, earth movement, economic crises, and even strife in personal relationships. Everyone feels that something of enormous significance is about to occur, and they are seeking for signs of it in those unhappy situations. However, those are caused by your own collective fears and anxieties and not by the closeness of the moment of your awakening.

Understand, therefore, that the way for you to release or ease your stress and anxiety is to focus your attention and your intent on awakening. Keep reminding yourselves of your divine Destiny – eternal existence in the ecstasy of your Father’s loving Presence. This will bring you comfort and the strength to keep holding the vision of God’s infinite Love for you. You will all operate as the energy fields of love, peace, and calmness that you truly are, connecting with each other, and counteracting and swamping the fields of fear and resentment that so many are expressing.

The energy you Light-holders are carrying and sharing more and more of the time is enormously powerful and is magnified exponentially by your divine Father, who delights in your will to share His Love indiscriminately with all your sisters and brothers. The glowing aura that envelops Planet Earth as you move towards awakening is of a most wonderful radiance and beauty, and it continues to intensify in each moment, as each of you continues to focus on the divine outcome that your energy, melded with God’s, is going to achieve.

None of you experiencing the illusion and the suffering is here by chance at this point in its evolution. All of you chose to volunteer to be here and assist in the awakening process, knowing that it was an extremely arduous task that you were taking on, and for this you are greatly honored. Because it is the divine Will and because God is magnifying your beautiful and radiant energy enormously your awakening will occur precisely as planned and promised.

When you awaken, and see and understand what you have achieved by your focused intent to help bring the divine plan to fruition, you will be overwhelmed with amazement and exhilaration, knowing that without your loving cooperation it could not have happened, and knowing also that it was always God’s Will and yours that this stunning conclusion be achieved, and that no other outcome was even remotely possible. You know, and have always known, that eternal joy was to be yours when your task was completed, and as that moment approaches rapidly, continue to focus your loving intent on the outcome. Make it happen as you know it will.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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