The change you want won’t come from other people – it always starts with you.

— Secret Aura

Your awakening is awaited most eagerly

Humanity’s awakening into full consciousness is an occurrence of momentous significance.  It has been planned with great care and attention to detail to ensure that every aspect of this divine event unfolds perfectly, and so it will — because it is God’s Will and no outcome other than His Will is possible.  Focus on this. Your awakening into God’s divine Reality is inevitable, unavoidable, and will bring you great glee and exhilaration.

Focusing on the certainty that this wondrous event will occur as divinely promised raises the frequency of your life energy and draws a sense of vibrant expectation into your energy field.  This brings you a strong feeling of optimism and an awareness of the wonder of life, helping to dissolve the negative views that many of you hold of places, situations, and specific individuals who participate with you in various ways as you follow your life paths.  And of course your upbeat energy flow helps others to raise the frequency of their energy fields.  Sharing this energy by living optimistically and compassionately is the most effective thing you can do to move yourselves ever closer to the grand awakening.

Your awakening is awaited most eagerly by all in the spiritual realms who have been watching you with great compassion, encouraging you, and cheering you on.  We are very aware of the unsatisfactory nature of your present life experience and the suffering it entails, and it gives us great joy to know that it is coming to an end.  You have all been working very hard to bring awareness of the illusion and its unreality to all on Earth, and at times it has definitely seemed to you that your efforts were having very little affect.  Nevertheless, you continue to demonstrate your faith in God’s promise by the loving compassion you offer to others most of the time.

To offer compassion at all times while immersed in the illusion is just not possible, and is certainly not expected of you.  Therefore, do not judge yourselves harshly when it seems to you that your efforts are less effective than you would like them to be.  Remember that even a very brief friendly or loving glance can have an enormous effect of which you could never be aware.  Your Father delights in the love and support that you offer your sisters and brothers, and sees only the positive results of your compassionate behavior.  He never judges you, so neither should you.  Because He is Love, He can only love you.  Love is the divine Power of creation which He shares with you in every moment of your existence.  All you have to do is stop attempting to assess the level of your goodness or badness as this causes you enormous and futile anxiety.  And in the peace that replaces that insane mental activity, just feel the Love that is offered you.

Doing that – feeling the Love as you rest in your place of peace – strengthens and intensifies the loving compassion that you offer to others, making it far more effective.  When you worry about whether you are being good or bad, or about whether you are doing God’s Will and following your proper life path, you drain energy unnecessarily from your field or aura.

Trust your intuition, your full-time spiritual guidance, and do not try to analyze it. Live with confidence, because then your energy melds with God’s, your will and His combine, and what you do is precisely what is needed in every moment.

With so very much love, Saul.

Source: John Smallman

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