Be the change you want to see in the world.

— Mahatma Gandhi

Open Up To The Divine Flow — A Message From The Council For The Assistance To Earth

Faleekastrina — Breath in, breath out, allow, trust, simply trust. It is that simple, trust. Simply trust. Trust in the Divine Existence of the Universal Mind, allowing it to pour through you, allowing it to affect those around you with its Divine Energy. Allow the Universal Mind to work through you, let it operate. Allow its energy to pass in and out of you and all around you because it is you, filling you. You are inside of it and it is within you. It is within you. It is within you.

It is when you allow this energy to flow through you and you step into alignment with it, letting it course down through you, all through you, through every dimension of your being, that is when you step into the Divine Flow. You allow the Divine Energy to flow through you, and it flows out of you as you are in alignment with it.

Allow it to pour through you now, because as you allow it, and it flows out of you, everything you’ve been wanting starts manifesting physically before you, but it is a matter of trusting, of allowing, of stepping out of your control, of connecting to the Universal Mind, and to the heart of Mother Gaia.

Allow the Universal Wisdom to clothe you. Step into its garments and let it wash all over you and through. It is this Divine Flow that appoints you to fulfill your mission. It is this Divine Flow carrying you and directing you, and allowing you,and you allowing it. You must allow it, allow it, simply allow it.

Get out of your hectic routine, stop listening to the news, stop listening to negativity. Sit and breathe. Be silent. Be silent and you will truly be heard. Be silent and you will know what the Universal Mind is saying. You will know what the deepest part of you is saying. Step into this flow.

Plashdar — Allow. Simply allow. When you will yourself to allow, your body opens up to the new energy, but this cannot be willed by your mind, only by your heart, for you are willing yourself to let go. Let go of your fear. Let go of your anger. Let go and be at peace. Let go of war. Let go of destruction. Let go of self destruction. Let go of hatred toward others. Let go of hatred toward yourself. Let go of sickness. Let go of mistrust. Let go.

Ezekiel Memchat — Child, get up! Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up!

You are not a victim. You are not a slave to your government. You are a slave to no one. Get up!

Loose yourself from the bonds you have created and master your mind. Discipline yourself to get out of your hectic routine and spend time connecting to your Real Self, because that is where your power lies, and that is where you lie, the Real You, that is where you lie. You lie in the quietness, in the peaceful stillness. You are not anywhere else. Find yourself in the midst of what goes on around you. Listen to your Real Self now. Get up!

Release yourself from the bonds you have created. They are all an illusion. They are not real. None of them have ever been real. They have only been real to you because you have believed in them, because you have trusted them. You were taught them, you believed them. Know that you were not in alignment with what is real when you held onto those beliefs that you were taught. Know that they were not the truth, that you have not been imprisoned, and rise up out of the binds that you have allowed to manifest. They are not real. They are not real. Only good is real. Release what is not real and fall into alignment with stillness. That is real. That is real.

Plashdar — Whatever has been made around you will fall away as you stop believing in it. Listen to the voice of stillness. Listen to the voice of peace, of understanding, of harmony, of love, of cooperation, of trust. Listen. Listen. Listen. Pause for a moment. Pause for a moment now and listen. Listen to the feeling being emitted by your Reality. Listen to its peaceful stillness. Listen to its stillness. Listen to it now, and allow it to speak its feeling to you. You listen by quieting yourself, your ego self, and waiting.

Fongeetale — Bask in the presence of the Infinite. Bask in its love. Bask in the oneness of the Infinite. It is all that is. As you allow it to caress you, it flows out of you, and it affects everyone around you. Your presence lifts people up.

Plashdar — Peace. Peace. Dwell on peace and you will create a peaceful life experience without war or hate or intolerance, or no mercy. Peace, a peaceful Earth, a peaceful life, a peaceful life experience, peaceful situations, peaceful friends. Your Reality does not experience turmoil. Your reality cannot feel strife or struggle. It can only easily succeed, and that is what it wants for itself. It wants to smoothly and easily operate in life and fulfill its mission at the appointed time.

Step into this flow. Simply allow and be. Just be. You are good enough. You are so good. That is why you are here, to remember the good amidst the bad. You are learning to see good when you are in the middle of the bad. You are here to see what is real when you are in the middle of the illusion. You are remembering to do it. You are remembering how. Allow this to flow through you, your Real Nature flowing through you. Allow it. Allow it. Allow it. Stop resisting. Allow it. Allow it. Allow it.

Faleekastrina — You are holy. You are a sacred divine being. Do not allow yourself to be giving into what is around you. You are a divine being filled with the knowledge and the wisdom of the Universal Mind, the Universal Mother-Father operating as one, filling the heart of Gaia as she fills you.

Open up to the Divine Flow. Allow, my child. Allow and you will enter a new domain that strife could not have possibly created. Let go of your strife and your struggle. Let go of what is wrong, and focus upon what is not wrong. Focus upon what is loving. Focus upon what is gentle, upon what is innocent, upon what is lovely, upon what is good, upon what is beautiful, upon those who are kind to you, upon those who are merciful to you, upon those who are compassionate toward you, upon those who are wise and treat the Earth with respect.

Focus on the good. Focus on the world as it is good. If you see something good about it, acknowledge it. If you are only acknowledging bad things, you must address what is in you that wants those things, because you know that you will create those things if you are dwelling upon them. Want the good and release what is in you that feels it deserves bad and wants bad things for itself. Want the good.

Fall into alignment with the good. Lift out of this mire. Fall into alignment with the stream of blessings that the Universe is continually supplying to you. It is supporting and uplifting you continuously, and all you have to do is be still and allow it to flow into you and through you and all around you, to be you, to be the vessel of that loving and purest of energies.

All you have to do is be. That is your only assignment, really, in whatever form it is meant to manifest and whatever your part is to play. When you fall into alignment with your Reality, it will happen. So to put your mission on Earth simply, the very condensed version is this: BE.


Source: Crystal Child Messages

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