Strength comes from overcoming the thing you once thought you couldn’t.

The nightmare is coming to its end.

The time for humanity’s return to full consciousness was chosen at the moment of apparent separation from God and from that natural state. Meticulous planning and preparation for your return to this state has ensured that there is no way that you can avoid awakening into your Father’s most loving embrace. You have been seeking to return to Oneness with Him for eons, and you will not be disappointed; all is arranged for your glorious awakening.

It seems that you have been waiting a long time to awaken into full consciousness, but in truth there is an immense paradox here: on one hand, it is but an instant since the apparent separation from God occurred; and on the other, in the illusion, humanity seems to have lived for eons within the reality that you made. Here, in the illusion, where you appear to have your existence as humans, your intellectual abilities are severely limited, and in comparison to those you have in your Father’s divine Reality, they are even less than those of a grain of sand in the desert. Trying to make sense of your environment is utterly beyond your capabilities, which is why the Holy Spirit is with you in every illusory moment to assist you. Most of the time, unfortunately, you shut out His guidance and try to make sense of things by yourselves, but there is no sense in the illusion.

You know this is so, and it is apparent all around you as you observe people fighting, cheating, and betraying one another. How could even the smallest amount of rationality be found anywhere in that totally irrational and therefore illusory environment? Throughout your lives, from infancy to old age, you see the insanity of it all, and yet when you attempt to draw that to the attention of others, they tell you that it is you who is insane! And you mostly agree with that assessment in the very mistaken assumption that you alone could not possibly be right when your thoughts on the matter are so completely at odds with the thoughts of so many others.

However, finally, enough of you are catching on and realizing that the vast majority of humanity is deluded, and that your assessment of the insanity of their way of living is a most valid one. You have at last realized and accepted that there is only One divine and infinite Intelligence – God – Who is infinitely and unconditionally loving, and that therefore nothing apart from His Love could possibly exist. What you are experiencing – pain, poverty, and privation – can only be illusory because a loving Father could not and would not allow His children to live in such abject misery.

You made this environment as an imaginary realm in which you could play at being separated from and totally independent of Him. To build such an imaginary reality, it was necessary to turn everything upside down and inside out, and remove all reason and sanity from it, thus filling it with constant anxiety, pain, and suffering, otherwise it would have been a place of joy, very similar to Reality, and that you did not want!

Now you have had enough of it, with its constant competitive customs that lead you to attempt to control one another through fear and suffering, and finally you are seeking an environment of peace, trust, contentment, joy, and love. It awaits you!

God created it, divinely perfect, and you perfect within it. All that is required is that you awaken from your nightmare and claim it! God’s eternal Will is eternal happiness for you – His perfect and beloved children – and that is what you are going to experience because nothing else exists. The nightmare is coming to its end, like an execrable movie, and you will awaken into the brilliant and ecstatic light of your Father’s eternal day.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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