The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.

— Joseph Campbell

Faleekastrina: What can a Starseed do to regain lost abilities?

I am Faleekastrina. Thank you for your question.

It isn’t something missing that keeps anyone from creating anything, rather it is something there that should not be, something in the way. For instance, if a person lacks discipline, their higher awareness has all the discipline they could ever need, so certainly the person does not lack discipline, rather they have a negative pattern that blocks them from connecting to the part of them which is already disciplined.

Negative patterns are not taken seriously. People are taught not to look at negative energy, but it is there, and it continues to be there, because people will not look at it. They are taught that if they have it they are bad. But it is not bad to humble yourself and be able to look within and search out your own intents, both positive and negative; that is a good quality.

All people have both positive and negative energy, as they also have both positive and negative feelings and thoughts. Everyone has experienced meeting a negative person, and in order to meet anyone on a negative frequency even if the person they are meeting is normally positive, they must have something within them that matches the negative frequency of the person they are encountering.

Archangel Michael is a wonderful person, and he transmits very high energy. But although he is a very powerful being, you must understand that he is always looking within himself and releasing negativity. People must understand that in order to be called upon, such as the Archangel Michael is, in order to come to the aid of someone experiencing negativity and remove it from them, you must have something within you that matches it. Archangel Michael is powerful
and loving being, and yet he is constantly encountering dark entities, because he helps people to cleanse themselves. But in order to interact with anything negative, he must have something that matches it, and he admits this and looks at himself.

None of us are so above you that we do not work to improve. All of us are improving. Everything in this Universe is learning. They are continuously becoming more and more of what they really are. We are all here to learn about our true natures and step more into that frequency which we are truly on. All of us are removing karma. All of us are learning.

We are all on different levels, but you will find that as you ascend there is always a higher dimension to get to. There is always more to learn. If there were nothing to learn, the Creative Source would simply create something new. It wants to learn. It wants to grow. It wants to improve. That is why it created darkness, so that it might see the light within itself and learn more about it’s true nature, and understand itself.

The Creative Source in all of us wishes to learn, wishes to grow, wishes to become more of what it is, and to remove what it is not. When you know what you are not, you realize who you are and you begin to move toward that.

People must look at their own darkness if they wish to ascend into a vibration of light. Every person has higher and lower aspects. The lower aspects must be removed before a person’s Higher Self would trust their conscious mind with abilities such as flying, etc, and the Higher Self will not allow these types of abilities to fully surface until the lower dimensions lose their power and begin to fill with light.

All people are learning. All people are removing what blocks them, even if they are far beyond you, they are still reaching out to a higher awareness and moving forward, improving and becoming more of who they already are.

As you increase your light, remove your darkness and meditate upon your reality, you become more able to do the things that you were capable of before entering a human body. But it takes time and willingness to truly look at all of your aspects and admit everything that is there, including the good, including what you consider bad.

Many people are unable to look at their good. They are unable to admit their talents or to receive compliments from people around them. Others are so insecure about themselves, that they are only able to say good things, and cannot look at their bad. But they must realize that underneath everything there is a purity that has not been touched by their human experience, or by any experience; it exists in it’s original form.

As you become more loving, as you become more honest, as you become more willing to take time and effort for your own betterment, as you love yourself more, as you treat yourself better, as you treat those around you with more love and less judgment, as you learn true compassion and how to set boundaries with people, and as you increase respect for yourself, you become increasingly more aware and you are more open to higher energies.

Each body, the emotional, mental, energetic and physical, must align with the perfect light body which holds no darkness. These bodies merge as darkness releases from them. All toxins must be released, and automatically light increases and the traits that you in Reality naturally have already, reveal themselves. You realize that you already had them. They were already operating, you simply were blocking yourself from knowing them.

You are the God Source. When we realize who we are and that we are only good, we can look at darkness and release it, knowing that we are good.

Love yourself more. Take the time to go inside yourself and find what blocks you, and continue to do this in all areas one at a time. Flying cannot be achieved easily. It isn’t like flipping on a switch, although it seems that way once the ability is uncovered.

People would like an easy, quick answer to everything. There are so many books being written about how a person can learn a language in 6 weeks, or lose 35 pounds in a month, but the truth is, that this is a process.

Any physical problem in a person’s body is caused by negative patterns that must be released. When they are released the body automatically heals and the person’s perception changes without struggle. The person isn’t ‘trying’ to speak and feel positively, they just do it naturally, because there is nothing there giving them messages that are the opposite of what they want.

Any block in relationships goes back again to matching frequencies. Even if you are a very good person, there is something within you that works with the lower frequencies of others when they are being negative around you.

Any ability can be mastered. The truth is that humans can fly, they can do anything, absolutely anything. Nothing is impossible. Everything can be done. Everything is possible and can happen. All things are possible.

There is no one here to save the Earth. There is no one here to save the human race. You are your own saviors. Everyone goes through their own individual process of ascension, releasing toxins, increasing Themselves, removing what is not their Realities which is taking up space.

Underneath every speck, underneath all pain and all disappointment, underneath everything taught to us in the past, there lies a beautiful light being, who has never been touched by this human experience, never been touched by any experience, simply existing in pureness. This being wants to surface within us and to be recognized for what it is, for what you are, for what we all are. We are all the God Source. We must uncover it, and it will overtake us and all of it’s abilities will come to our consciousness, and so it is.

I am Faleekastrina and I bid you Namaste.

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