The whisper of the Universe is always all around you, sending messages of Love, abundance, knowledge, understanding, harmony, joy and Love again. It is hard to hear the whisper in the doing, but in the stillness of being it shouts!

Reality contains nothing that is not in loving harmony with God

As the moment for humanity’s great awakening approaches continue to hold the light, strengthen your intent to do so, and allow the divine energy field that envelops you to flow easily and exuberantly through you, as you continue to accept your rôles as conduits for it. The effect that each one of you light holders and way-showers has on your immediate environment is enormous, even though you are mainly unaware of it. Being a peaceful and calming presence, as most of you are, brings great benefits to all with whom you interact, showing them, and demonstrating for them the immense power that is available to you all. To access that power all that is required is an ego-less intent to do the divine Will. This can be a difficult state to maintain as people like to receive feedback, evidence that something is going on, which is, of course, the ego seeking recognition for its apparent efforts.

Very few of you are able to feel the ongoing energy flow that is coursing through you at all times. It is Love, the life force, and without it your physical bodies would not be alive, could not operate. It flows through you constantly, like the air you breathe, and is really only noticed, like air, by its absence. So, if you are alive, it must be flowing through. Your attitudes, emotions, and beliefs affect it, and you can recognize this in others in so far as you feel happy, peaceful, anxious, fearful, angry, depressed etc. in their presence.

Know that you are always divinely loved and that when you are experiencing feelings that are not peaceful, not relaxed, then you are experiencing the illusion, the false environment that your collective consciousness is constantly building and maintaining. You can stand back from it, observe it, and choose not to be drawn into the suffering and pain that it encourages you to believe is reality. And when you do, and all of you have experience of this, life feels good even though what appears to be happening in your vicinity is often less than totally inspiring and uplifting.

Your loving intent and the energy that flows from it is absolutely essential as you focus on finding your way out of the illusion so that you can return to your divine eternal Home. It is the energy of awakening, and it is increasing in strength and intensity moment by moment. What you are achieving as you focus on the divine energy that is flowing abundantly through you is astounding. You are intending that humanity awakens, and that intention is bathing the planet in the most brilliant light which attracts to it more light from throughout the cosmos that melds and harmonizes with it, raising your vibrational frequency to enable full consciousness to occur.

The divine energetic paths that are leading you Home are perfect examples of your Father’s all-encompassing Love for you. He has provided them to ensure that it is impossible for you to wander aimlessly and to become forever lost in the illusion. He wants you to return Home, and the paths with which He has provided you make that a divine certainty, as that is the only destination to which they can lead you. Rest assured that you are eternally taken care of, and that no harm can ever come to you because Reality contains nothing that is not in loving harmony with God.

With so very much love, Saul.

© John Smallman

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