We are progressing into Light and yet more Light. The utmost of such Light is beyond our comprehension, or even our highest aspirations…

— Helen Greaves, Testimony of Light

[ECETI News] The Arkons and Darkhearts are Squirming

By James Gilliland

The past few years we have seen the physical manifestations of unprecedented greed, deception, selfishness and complete disrespect for life. What has been done behind closed doors and in secret is all coming to the surface. We here the words of politicians, corporate puppets of the war and disease profiteers, yet see a complete contradiction in their actions. We see the news papers and mainstream media screaming terror you should be very afraid then try to sell you protection be it a massive government program, product, pill or inoculation. We see the quality of life diminishing exponentially of a once prosperous nation. We are now seeing the consequences of being sold an artificial lifestyle of empty promises. We have become a country run by predators and thieves. The lust for power, wealth, notoriety and a false promise of security, a deceptive media, which has blinded humanity for so long, is now being seen for what it is. Those who have been the perpetrators of such acts are also having their masks torn off. We have forgotten the basics and allowed ourselves to be taken down a road of no return.

In the Cherokee tradition there is a saying, ” If it is not good for everyone, it is not good.” If we are not taking into account the next 7 generations in all we say and do we are in error. Do we want to leave the next generation an artificial world full of war and disease? If not then why are we investing in it?

Not only are the physical manifestations of the predators and thieves coming to light, the ones behind these selfish and deceptive, what can only be deemed as criminal acts are also being exposed. Truth always surfaces and karma, which spans lifetimes, is sometimes slow to act but for every action there is a reaction. The next phase will be the hidden forces behind these dark and deceptive people, which only a few are aware of. Whenever you lie, deceive, take from another or act in a way that is destructive to humanity or the Earth you loose a part of your soul. Those in the army often speak of this when they say every time they take a life they feel they loose a bit of themselves. They have to desensitize themselves until eventually there is no conscience, no connection to the soul left they fall into a very primitive, aggressive mind set of separation which is what is programmed into them before hand. It is an ungodly consciousness for they have become separate from the soul which is the connector to source.

The Source, Creator, God, Spirit is the life force thus these individuals cut themselves off from the very source which sustains them. Watch the majority of politicians age rapidly, become heavy, often alcoholics to suppress the soul and numb the pain of knowing what they have done. What they do not know is if they are not opening up to spirit just what are they opening up too? In the past they were called Arkons, Demons, Lower Astral beings, and now some call them regenerate ETs. This is known to only a few yet a large majority of our leadership is doing their bidding. Wherever there is power and that power is being used for negative purposes and does not serve humanity and the Earth you will find these unseen negative influences. They are found at the top of almost all corporations and institutions, which do not have a spiritual foundation. I am not talking about a religious foundation I am talking about a spiritual foundation, which operates according to universal laws and understandings necessary for a healthy society and environment. Religions which be lie ve they have an exclusive on God spreading division and separation are not part of this prior group. The dehumanization and demonization of others making them ungodly as well as separating the Creator from Creation has been the base foundation for religious wars and the wholesale destruction of the environment. There never was a holy war, wars are unholy.

Our only salvation is to get back to basics. Practice kindness for your religion; serve humanity and the earth as wise stewards. Stop participating or investing any time or energy into anything that does not act within the universal principles necessary for a healthy society and environment. Principles like Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All, Honoring the Sacred Circle of Life, the Creator in All Creation. It s really that simple. Use these base guidelines in all that you say and do, hold your leaders accountable to these principles and all institutions be they religious or business. Act with impeccable integrity and do the best you can. We are going through a massive transition into the light, the days of tyranny are coming to a close.

James Gilliland

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