The Way To Find Out About Happiness Is To Keep Your Mind On Those Moments When You Feel Most Happy.

The loving flame that burns within you is inextinguishable

One day at a time, or indeed one moment at a time, is the best way to live in the illusion, because it helps you to undo the hold that time has upon you. In Reality there is only “now,” this eternal moment in which Creation, God, Heaven, is always present, happening, being. Nothing passes and is gone, nothing is awaited, because all is now. This is an extremely difficult concept for you to grasp as you wander, almost blindly and very insensitively, around in the illusion.

Some of you have limited psychic abilities, which give you brief ephemeral intimations of Reality, and which demonstrate clearly to you that what you normally experience through your bodily senses is as nothing compared to what truly exists. That you have shared these insights with others who apparently do not share these skills has been most beneficial for humanity, by alerting it to the possibility that there is far more to life than the limited opportunities and experiences it presently seems to offer.

You exist now and always; you do not get born, live a short and possibly meaningless life, and afterwards go out like a light when the electricity is turned off. You are all eternal aspects of thedivine creative flow, existing beyond space and time in perfect harmony with each other and with God. This existence is permanent, unchanging, and unchangeable, and for that reason alone life can only be joyful, exhilarating, and inspiring.

Your experiences to the contrary are due only to the imaginary and illusory environment that you have built and that you maintain by your ongoing collective belief in it. You have filled it with monsters and demons, terrors and catastrophes, which you continue to develop, thus intensifying your belief in it. Fortunately, it is a chimera — a dream from which you are scheduled to awaken into God’s divine Reality, all that exists.

Deep within yourselves you know this, although you have closed off your awareness to it, and so you seek it in the illusion in the company of others, in material security, in intellectual and philosophical explorations. Or you seek to distract yourselves from the suffering that your environment causes you by dulling your senses in a wide variety of ways. But nothing works, because the loving flame that burns within you, placed there by your Father, is inextinguishable. You can cover it over, pretend it is not there, but it always reappears, insisting that you are missing something, that life is far, far more than your present very unsatisfactory circumstances would have you believe.

However depressed you become, however strong your unbelief seems to be, that state is bound to collapse, disintegrate, dissolve, and fade away because it is totally unreal, does not and cannot exist. Consequently, you will awaken into the sublime state that is your eternal Home. There is nowhere but that. The dream, the illusion, must and will evaporate, leaving you fully awake, fully alive, and in exultant happiness in the Presence of your eternally loving Father. So, REJOICE! Know that all is divinely taken care of and that you are coming Home to the most glorious of celebrations. All is eternally well.

With so very much love, Saul.

© John Smallman

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