In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions.
It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.

— Anthony Robbins

Your human body is an illusion

It is very easy to believe that you exist in a hostile environment where you always have to work hard in order to ensure your safety and survival; and if the illusion were real that would indeed be the case. The god you think created this challenging universe no more exists than the universe itself. That god is a figment of your collective imaginations, invented by you to try and make sense of the insanely hostile environment in which you seem to have your existence.

But God, your Father, created you from the infinite Love that is all that exists, making you an eternal, perfect, and essential part of it. There is no other way that He could or would have created you. You are eternal, loving thoughts in the Mind of God, where everything you could ever need or desire is instantly present within you. There is no pain, suffering, or betrayal; they do not exist. Your human body and the life you are experiencing within it is an illusion that you made for your own amusement. Initially it gave you pleasure and captivated you, so you expanded it — “More is better!” — and as it grew it started to become dark and threatening, and you became lost within it, or so it seems.

It is only a dream, a collective one, that you all experience differently, even though its physical manifestation is apparently the same for each of you. And you are going to awaken because dreams are only momentary interruptions to consciousness, even though they often seem to last for long periods of time. Most of you have experienced falling asleep, having an intense and busy dream, and then awakened to find that you had only been asleep for a very short time. So it is with the illusion. When you awaken you will be amazed at how brief has been your period of sleep. Time is a major part of the illusion, making it seem very real, and making it appear that you are waiting for the moment of awakening to occur. This is extremely difficult for you to understand as you continue to maintain the illusion and experience the sensations it provides.

So focus on the knowledge that your Father’s Love for you is greater by far than anything you can conceive of, and that His Will for you is eternal joy. That being the case, nothing can ever harm you because it is not His Will that you be harmed, and only what He wills is real. Deep within you that knowledge is eternally present and can never be lost. You can choose not to be aware of it as you stumble along in the illusion, but when you seek it out you will find it and recognize it. It is your sense of hope, your desire to be known and loved, and this can only be satisfied by God. It is there because He placed it there at the moment of apparent separation, and you can never be without it until you awaken and experience eternally that hope and desire fulfilled.

It is your destiny and your Home, it is where you have your eternal ecstatic existence, and it is impossible for you not to awaken into the bliss-filled awareness of this, which is God’s and your infinite divine Reality.

Encourage your hope, intend that your deepest desires be honored, and remind yourselves constantly that nothing else but God’s Will, which is also truly yours, is possible, and know that this is so.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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