Embrace the healing power of Love. For Love is the only way. All ways are the way of Love. For ultimately every cry is the cry of Love or the cry for Love… Love, Love, Love and then Love some more. Love eventually catches everyone, no matter where you are. It is simple, yet so profound. Just Love. Let Love flow through you. Let Love consume you. Let Love become one with you and you become one with Love. Allow yourself to be woven into its pattern until you and Love are One. -Love

— Lightworker

Compassionate Peace

The following was transcribed verbatim from:



Kuan Yin addressing the February 9, 2010 Ashtar teleconference:

“Beloved Family, it is I, Kuan Yin. We invite you to come close now again, and listen. I represent the Feminine in this message and I have with me the Marys, both of them, and yes, Mother [Sekhmet] is here, as well, and Mother Gaia, and we represent also the Masculine, the Courage. St. Francis is so overjoyed at your being here. And he asked me to bring forth a message from the kingdoms of the animals and the plants whom he loves so well, and is so connected with, that that which you have done here tonight** has moved the world – there is no question – the beautiful Blue Light of Truth, beautiful empowering, transmuting Freedom Light of the Violet Ray and the beautiful Golden and Silver and the White Light of the Christ are shining brighter than ever before on planet Earth.

“And so we stand here in awe of you, in joy with you and in partnering with you. And we encourage you to send out these loving messages whenever it occurs to you to do so. And we ask that you assure all animals, plants and minerals with whom you have personal contact, that Peace is indeed now upon the planet. You may not know this, but St. Francis asked me to tell you that your animals and your plants and yes, your crystals, all feel whatever it is that you’re feeling. When you feel fear, they respond; they respond with trying to help you. Your little doggy perhaps comes to cuddle with you. They are willing to have you give your fears to them. They have served throughout the ages to carry your burdens when you could not carry them alone, just as your guides, master teachers and angels have served you in this capacity, so also those kingdoms close to you, those kingdoms of planet Earth have been in service to you.

“When at times it has seemed as though the animals are at war with each other, well, there is the natural chain of course, some animals are food for others, but when they actually seem to be at war with each other, it is because they are picking up on human attitudes. They learned war, just as you did. And when at times it might seem as though you plant a garden and the garden does not thrive, and you can say, ‘well, it was the bugs that came or the soil was not rich enough or I didn’t give it enough water,’ but the truth is the garden did not flourish because you’re not flourishing, Beloved Ones. This happens sometimes, not always.

“Talk to your gardens. Give them loving messages and tell them Peace is now anchored upon the planet, and see what a change it can make. Play Peace songs for them. Play the music of the higher dimensions and see what a difference it makes. Let your crystals, give your crystals the message, and put your crystals in the gardens, let your crystal be in your kitty-cat’s bed or by it, send messages of Love – that’s what this message is. It’s to continuously be a sender and receiver of Love to everything, every living being around you, in your homes, in the marketplace, everywhere you look and beyond that, every place that you see in your mind’s eye, every place that calls to you in your heart, and share this, share this Peace, share this Love and share this Joy.

“And now we speak of the children; they are so precious. And there are so many of them whom you must observe, at times, that the Compassion has totally abandoned them, that there is no Love in their world around them, children in the countries which have been at war, children who are orphans because of some kind of a disaster, manmade or otherwise. The children in the countries where the greed has kept them from having the food they need, because no one has had the compassion, or not enough have had the compassion, to provide for them. This is your shining hour, Beloved Ones! This is your hour to say, ‘What can I do? What am I here to do? What is my mission? How do I fit into all of this? Once Peace is the way of life on the planet, once everyone has abundance to work with, how do I fit? What do I do?’

“Well, you might consider taking some of your abundance to help someone else, a child perhaps, with no family. You might consider using some of your abundance to build homes – fast – we’ll bring technologies to help with that. You might consider using some of your abundance to build a studio where you can paint beautiful, beautiful pictures and share them with the world. What is your mission? You have much to learn – that in itself is a mission. Do you communicate now with the crystals, the animals or the plants or all of them? And there are entire kingdoms who have largely kept themselves hidden from your view; the fairies and the devas want you to come and sing and dance with them.

“Let no one be left out of your compassionate world, but rather invite the world in to share in the Love you are and the Joy you are. You are all grand radiant beamers of Light. Now consider learning and teaching, they are quite the same. Consider communications of Love with one or more whom you’ve never communicated with before. Consider finding within your own being the empowerment to assist another who is in pain – just call in the Love. There are many classes and workshops and they are wondrous indeed. Discover within yourself what it is that you want to learn. And you may find that you can have your own classroom within your own being – just call upon your Guides. Have you been talking with your Guides, back and forth? They know, because they can see, what it is that you have selected for your next mission for your tomorrow, for your next now. If you have not yet welcomed them into your communications center, this would be the perfect time to do so.

“The world is changing so fast and what it’s really doing is shedding all of the false, all of the untrue, and all that is unreal, and what is left is you, Beloveds, and your shining Love, your shining hearts. The Ascension path is so exciting and it lies before you. And when you make your Ascension, you’ll simply be rejoining the All of You. Your bodies have much to undergo in the way of changes. Consult with your Guides. Perhaps they would advise you to take yourself to the Arcturian ships, perhaps they would advise you to seek your own healing capabilities within, or to partner with someone already utilizing and exercising and sharing their healing capabilities with others on the planet.

“Why do we bring this all up in a discussion of Compassion? Because, Beloved Ones, it is to prepare yourselves. It is to have Compassion for your own selves. It is for you to discover your path, to find the miracles within, just waiting for you to give expression to them. That is Compassion. That is observation. Being the compassionate observer of yourself and, oh, it is finding what there is to heal within you, honestly, without any blinders, without any misconceptions, without any distractions that your ego might want to present to you to keep you from your Path of Joy. Have Compassion for yourselves and in a loving way, discover all that there is to discover. In a courageous way, express yourself and your Light to those around you. Those of you who have tried, and there are many among you, who have tried to tell others of the coming changes are about to become the majority voice. In fact, you are. If you have been giving of yourself and sharing this information and been treated with less than Compassion, expect more Compassion, appreciation and, yes, understanding, because there are many around you now who do have a sensing in some manner or other. So you can share your compassionate perspective with them in a more open way than you have felt comfortable with in the past. That’s news and it’s Big News.

“The Feminine is coming into balance with the Masculine on planet Earth. The Feminine calls out for Peace. The Feminine calls out for empowered expression; express your passions, your knowings and your understandings and if you wish, find a group, as has been mentioned here in this gathering, find a group with whom you can relate and share and be together – hugs, Love, Compassion for each other – and Compassion is honoring the divinity in all. Compassion is not sympathy. It is not climbing into the same box of sorrow with another. It is saying ‘I am here, take my hand. Let’s lift up together.’

“Compassion is giving, but not giving away your own empowerment. Compassion is freedom. Compassion in expression is freely expressed, is inspired expression, is Love. So when you think of Compassion, think of expressing with passion, your inspirations, your choices, your discernments, your understandings and knowings and your mission upon the earth, whatever that might be. Yes, we’re all One. Yes, we’re all engaged in the Ascension mission together; Family we all are, Divine we all are.

“But you, Beloved Ones, have also the individual expression, the individual freedom and the individual personalities that you present to the world. So teach the world of Oneness. Be compassionate. Be nonjudgmental. Be compassionate with all of those who are leaving the planet or who have left, for that is great truth. Be forgiving without judgment. Be discerning in your associations. Call forth only the highest levels of Truth, Love and Joy. Call forth the White Light of the Christ, the Dove of Peace, the Lily of representation of Peace on Earth. You see, all of the kingdoms know Peace and all of the kingdoms share Peace, because now they know that humanity calls for it. So the messages will go out from all kingdoms to all kingdoms.

“You are not alone, Beloved Ones. You are One with all of us and all that we are. And so we thank you for coming here in this grand evening. We thank you for what you have done. The planet has moved forward on its path; on the path of Peace, on the path of Ascension, on the path of all of us coming home to each other. So we thank you, we love you – infinitely. We are with you in all of your lives, in all of your doings and we honor you for your courage in coming to this time, to these beautiful bodies of yours; for calling for the Ascension this time for planet earth to make it, as she is. And Mother Gaia thanks you for the Love, and yes, the Joy that your presence brings.

“And so that is our message to you, Beloved Ones. The highest of Truths, the highest of Joy, the highest expression is Compassionate Love. And so, I and this Company thank you from our hearts to yours. Namaste.”

** for the transcript: http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/sanandadeclaringpeace.html
** for the YouTube videos: http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/anchoringpeaceonearth.html

Many thanks to Jan for this transcript and to Kumar for the videos.

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