You can only fail if you give up, beloveds.

— Archangel Michael

You are going Home!

Your divine connection is permanent, unbreakable, and incorruptible, but you can restrict your access to it or block it off completely, as the vast majority of humans have done. This results in your sense of separation and aloneness, and reinforces your sense that your illusory reality is the only reality, and that you are an individual body within that reality. This experience is frightening for you, and so you construct defenses to enable you to obtain a feeling of security, but your feelings of vulnerability and insecurity continue to haunt you, and so you continue building ever more elaborate defenses. However, within the illusion, where it seems that you have your existence, your defenses keep failing to provide the security that you seek.

The illusion is just that, but as long as you believe in it and put your energy into it, it will seem very real, and it will keep on disappointing you. The only place that you will find safety, contentment, and happiness is at Home with your Father — there is nowhere else — and that is where you are in every moment of your existence. When you release your panic-stricken grip on the illusion it will fade away as you awaken into Reality, your eternal Home, where you are permanently at one with, and an essential part of, your Father.

You are on course to do that and nothing can prevent you from getting there, because of course you are already there — always and in every moment of your existence. Yes, I do keep telling you this, and that is because you keep forgetting it and getting drawn back into the illusion, so you need constant reminders to ensure that you remain on your path to awakening.

To awaken is your divine destiny, so you cannot fail. However, you can keep attempting to delay that moment, which is impossible, and as you do so you intensify your sense of discontentment, disappointment, and suffering. My job, and that of all your other guides and teachers, is to keep on chivvying you to ensure that you do not fall back into your deep illusory sleep, where you feel depressed, lonely, separated, and abandoned. It is a miserable dream and we are constantly nudging you and calling to you so that you have no option but to do God’s Will, and yours, and wake up.

As I have said before “Resistance is futile!” You no longer really want to resist the divine Will that intends for you to awaken, but you have resisted for so long that it is hard for you to relax and allow the power of that divine energy to sweep you Home to your Father. Your will to resist is weakening as your will to awaken strengthens and intensifies, and it becomes increasingly difficult for you to remain unaware of the deep inner knowing that you have of God’s Love for you.

You are going Home! You truly desire only that, and that desire is helping you to focus your intent, direct your energy, and lead you forward to that exhilarating moment, that holy instant, when you return at last to the loving embrace of your heavenly Father.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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