Daily Reminder: You are Loved!!

SaLuSa, September 8, 2010

You have climbed the mountain and are now ready to step onto the summit. The journey of life in the lower vibrations has all but finished, and that means for every soul that is presently on Earth. By your actions and deeds you have reached a certain pinnacle in your evolution, which now requires you to move onto yet another cycle of experience. You will commence it with all of the spiritual knowledge gained as it remains with you forever. Those who remain in the 3rd. dimension are no lesser Beings than any other soul. It is simply that there is still more for them to learn, before they choose to move on. You should not therefore try to coerce others into following your path if they are not ready. All will eventually reach their goal, and your paths will often meet on that journey.

The bonding that has taken place between many of you will ensure that you can always reach each other, regardless of the level of consciousness that you have achieved. Beyond your present dimension you will be able to use your power of thought to contact another soul with distance as no obstacle. For the same reason, you will also be able to move from one location to another instantly. Gone will be all of the time consuming efforts you have to put in on Earth to achieve the same results. Already some of you are developing your telepathic abilities, and as the vibration increases you will find it becoming more commonplace. Dear Ones, you are returning to a state of being that is yours by rights, one that you left to enter the present cycle of duality.

It must seem like a dream when you learn of what lies ahead, but the dream is the one you are leaving which is the world of illusion. It is your creation but was never going to hold the higher vibrations for any length of time. There have been phases of both darkness and Light, and you are just leaving the Dark Ages that have taken you to levels almost devoid of Light. The dark Ones are now having to relinquish their power in the face of the changes that are restoring the Light upon Earth. You will find the blossoming of the first real signs of change, although in reality it has been slowly taking place for a very long time. It has been about raising the Light levels to release you from the hold the dark Ones have had on you. That has been remarkably successful, and clearly helped by those souls of the Light incarnating upon Earth. Spirit does not fall asleep and allow the darkness to totally control you. So you can be sure as now, that there is continuous help being given to you.

The Galactic Federation has been instrumental in helping you along for a long time. It is because you are approaching the end of the cycle, that our presence has become more evident and that indeed was our intention. We are an important part of your awakening process, and here by divine decree. It has meant that your ideas of life beyond Earth have had to be thought out again. The dark would have you believe that there are no benevolent Space Beings, and that there are only aliens that pose some threat to you. The truth is that it is the dark Ones who have colluded with the aliens – specifically the Greys, and together they have brought about the near prison conditions that you are experiencing. Before you ask the question, let us say that we could not interfere with that liaison, because the aliens took advantage of the Law of Attraction. Nevertheless, we are allowed to ensure that there is no interference from other civilizations with ulterior motives for visiting Earth. Often in the distant past it has been to mine your gold and other precious minerals that are not readily found on other planets.

You have no reason to know how much attention has been given to you and your Earth. Be assured however that your evolution has always been closely monitored, to ensure that you were able to reach the end of the cycle as planned. You were not simply left to your own devices or the attention of other Beings. However, within the context of allowing you freewill you have created the conditions for your own experiences. It has been the lack of Light that has allowed your descent into the dark realms. Thankfully, the plan to lift you up has been successful, and today you have brought the Light to your Earth to the extent that it is well grounded.

So as we review your situation, we can say that all proceeds well to achieve the intended result at the end times. No matter how many beautiful experiences you may have had whilst on Earth, they will pale into insignificance once you take your place in the higher dimensions. Beauty is in your mind but on Earth it is not always possible to express it, as you would wish. Yet when your powers to create are restored, the perfection as visualized by you will manifest. Nothing is flawed in the higher dimensions, and beauty and harmony will be all around you. With it comes the most happy and contented feeling, as you bask in the Light.

When you despair at the many obstacles in your lives, switch tracks to what the future holds for you. Live the future now as far as possible and when you meet people who would pull you down, let their comments or actions leave you unaffected. They will soon get tired of your refusal to respond to their negativity. As time goes by you will find more and more you are drawn to people that are similar to your own vibrations. Soon you will only move within a specific circle of friends that share the same interests. It does not mean that you ignore others, as they may benefit from your help. Be on hand if you can share your knowledge with them, and measure it so that it meets their level of understanding.

Remember that you are sailing in the same boat, but when the winds of change come some will have to change course. Your destination depends on how well you have prepared for the changes, but not everyone will move on to Ascension. The process has been in place for a long time, but now that it is speeding up you cannot lag behind if you are serious about Ascension. After all you have been through it is well worth every effort you can muster to cross the finishing line.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and hope we have inspired you to boldly go forward without any hesitation. We love you all and each of you are dear to us.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Sources:  Galactic Channelings – SaLuSa

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