We are not the body. It’s a vehicle to experience this reality.

— David Icke

Peace is a prerequisite to becoming fully conscious

Everyone on Earth at this time is truly on their spiritual path. Frequently, this is not apparent to you because they are working through and releasing all kinds of karma and trauma, and this mostly does not seem at all like spiritual progress. Remember that as humans your ability to see or assess your own spiritual progress, let alone that of anyone else, is, to all intents and purposes, non-existent. To spend time and energy attempting to do so is merely distracting you and slowing you down. It is a little like walking across town to reach a destination where you have an appointment at a specific time, but you keep stopping to look in the windows of stores that you are passing. As a result you arrive late, miss your appointment, and have to reschedule for a later date. The only person inconvenienced is yourself. So stop window-shopping and focus on your destination: awakening into full consciousness. Noting and pondering on your own or another’s lack of progress just slows you down.

As you walk briskly towards full consciousness, with your intent firmly focused on that destination, opportunities and apparent coincidences will occur to help you on your way. Before you incarnated as a human, you planned your life path very carefully and astutely — not even one event or occurrence in your human lifetime is unplanned or accidental. The life path you created is extremely complex, to allow for the different responses you could make in any given situation, and to ensure that what follows is always an opportunity to make further progress. Neverthless, you still get distracted and go window-shopping, but when you get bored and decide to move on, help and guidance are immediately to hand.

God, in His infinite unconditional Love for you, ensured that you could never be alone without guidance and assistance, and above all without His Love to support you in every moment. It is just that you have invested so much faith and energy in the illusion, and in all the pain and suffering in which it seems to enfold you, that you close down your access to your knowledge of who you truly are in order to block out the worst of that pain and suffering — closing yourselves off, therefore, from awareness of your Father.

To come Home, you have to open yourselves up once more and accept whatever situation you find yourselves in — because it is a lesson that can lead you through the suffering, out of the illusion, and Home to your Father’s loving embrace. Blocking your feelings in denial, or holding on to them as suffering victims, does not work. You have to accept them as they occur, without judgment, and allow them to flow through you, as they most surely will, so that you experience the space between them, enabling you to realize that you are not those feelings, however intense they may be.

It is similar to experiencing the scent in a garden of flowers, or the odor of rotting vegetation: you know that the smell is not you, not the flowers, not the vegetation, but the effect of a temporary chemical reaction that is carried on the air flowing through those things. Feelings and emotions are similar, they are temporary and they will pass. You are not controlled by them — nothing can control you — but you can react with them and seemingly make them part of you, or you can just observe them and let them pass. When you do the latter their intensity will die away and you will be able to be at peace. Being at peace is a prerequisite to becoming fully conscious. So allow it to occur and avoid delays to your homecoming.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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