Your Heart will lead you to your Soul. Your Soul will lead you to your Bliss.

The dissolution of the illusion is at hand

Humanity is becoming impatient. Much has been promised, but it seems that little has been delivered. This is most certainly not the case. God offers you the infinite abundance of His Love in every moment of your existence, but you do not respond. The illusion is like a prison, but one without doors, walls, cells, or fences. You can leave it whenever you wish, as there is nothing to prevent you from doing so except your own fear. The apparent restrictions in which you have entangled yourselves are as unreal as the illusion, but the idea of unrestricted freedom terrifies you because you have become so immersed in the belief that its limits and boundaries keep you safe.

But what is that you fear so terribly and need protection from? Nothing!

An infant in the womb is mightily restricted, but everything she needs for her existence is provided there in the moment. She can sense light and darkness, and beyond the beating of her mother’s heart she can hear external sounds. She is effectively one with her mother, and so her mother’s emotions and sensations are felt by her almost instantaneously. Consequently, even in the womb she experiences pain and fear, and as the moment of birth approaches and her ability to feel and sense grows, these experiences intensify. The womb, which was basically safe and comfortable, becomes increasingly tight and restrictive, and she needs to get out, but not knowing what that entails she is fearful. The squeezing, crushing sensation of being born out into the cold air is not enjoyable, however comfort and security is partially recovered when she is held close to her mother’s breast, where she is warm once more, hears the familiar heartbeat, and is fed. But it takes time for her to adjust to the freedom of being able to stretch out and unfold herself unrestrictedly as she chooses.

Humans are at present like infants about to be born. The environment that surrounds them is far too small, and yet they fear leaving it because they do not know what awaits them outside it. The difference is that outside the illusion there is infinite Love, peace, and contentment, unlike the environment which the infant enters at the moment of birth. But due to the familiarity of the illusion, despite its woeful inadequacies, and because of the lack of memory of the blissful state beyond it, there is great reluctance to leave it.

Nevertheless the dissolution of the illusion is at hand. It has served its purpose and you will awaken from it into Reality, where you belong and where you have always existed. Your return to wakefulness is eagerly awaited and will be celebrated most magnificently.

Many of you presently experiencing life as humans were fully aware of the difficulty of the task you were undertaking when you chose once more to come and offer help and guidance to those who seem to be lost and completely disoriented within the illusion. Your achievement in providing light, love, and guidance to them in abundance is without precedent during the eons of the illusion’s apparent existence, and you are greatly honored and respected. Your Father’s Love for you is boundless. What you are doing could only be done by you, and you are doing it with immense skill and compassion.

The joy of all those souls whom you are helping to awaken will enfold you and be added to your own joy as you all awaken together into the wondrous realization of your essentiality to the divine Whole, the Godhead, from which you could never be separated. All are indeed One with God in every moment, and the eternal ecstasy of that state of existence cannot be resisted for very much longer.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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